About Me

Hi there. I’m Amanda. You may or may not have heard of me – I’m not famous or anything, but I do know people in all corners of the globe. Part of that is because I can’t sit still – I have a deep need to see the planet. The other part is because I cannot resist the pull to meet new people. As such, I know someone just about everywhere.

(Seeing the Colosseum last year was one of the highlights of my life)


A little about me:
God has the first place in my heart, always. I’ve been married to a smokin’ hot construction man for almost 17 years. We have three amazing kids (ages 8-11). I’ve heard it said that those are things you aren’t supposed to say if are trying to be “professional”. I’m not one to usually listen to “supposed-tos”.

And just in case you were wanting a little more info…

At a restaurant, if Pulled Pork is on the menu, that’s what I’ll be getting.

If there is one thing I could do for the rest of my life, it’s travel. Truthfully, everything I do is basically to fund my next trip.

I love Star Wars, Star Trek, anything by C.S. Lewis, JRR Tolkien, David Eddings, Robert Jordan and George RR Martin.

I grew up in a Firehouse. Not that the house I grew up in was an old fire hall, but that my dad was a full-time Medic + Firefighter. We spent a lot of time up there. I did not inherit the medical gene – anything with blood or guts makes me queasy. As a result of my time with the roughneck fireman, it’s nigh impossible to make me blush.

I freaking love to go to the movies. But not blockbusters. I have not, nor will I ever see any of the Fast & Furious series of movies, or any movie like it. I cannot get enough of Wes Anderson.

I both own and know how to use a gun.

I am a huge baseball fan. Actually, huge doesn’t even begin to describe it. The Pirates have been my #1 team since I was a kid, and the Cleveland Indians captured my heart in my high school years. Love them both, but the National Leagues is where it’s at.

My amazing husband gave me the best anniversary present EVER last year: a trip to Chicago to see the Cubs play the Pirates. It was the first Bucs game I’d been to in 17 years, and it was AH-MAZING. I love Wrigley, the Pirates won, AND I got a picture with Jay Bell. Kay Jewelers is a bunch of liars. Every kiss does NOT begin with Kay. Some of them begin with the kind of diamond you find in Baseball.


Also a big Chicago Bears fan. We try to go to at least one game a year – usually in Detroit, because it’s cheaper. We’ve only almost got beaten up once.

I love Country Music. And Queen. I’m pretty sure a duet btwn Garth Brooks and Freddie Mercury might make my head explode.

I’m also a super freak for history. The older, the better.

My teenage years weren’t spent drinking and being crazy – instead I went on Mission Trips… to the Caribbean. Which sounds like less of a Mission Trip and more of a vacation. But we did good work, and I got a great tan in the process. I also got to hold a sting ray and eat raw conch. YUM.

My only regret from our trip to Rome is that I had to miss my favorite statue: The Agony of St. Theresa. We just didn’t have time to see it. I really would have been happy seeing any Bernini – but alas, not on this trip.


My favorite city is currently New Orleans. Completely in love with it.

I have a tendency to say what I’m thinking. And it usually gets me into trouble of one variety or another.

There is nothing I love more than hanging out with my husband and close friends. They know my weird quirks, and they love me anyway 🙂

Oh, and when I get a tattoo, it’s going to be this, but smaller (Thank you to Shelly @ brassblogs.com for drawing it for me):



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