10 years ago, I was first introduced to the world of internet marketing as the right-hand gal of none other than Marie Forleo.

That woman, I’m sure you know, is a powerhouse of drive, knowledge and general charisma.

I learned everything there is to know about how to plan content, set up funnels, implement a social media strategy (and on and on the list goes…) by working closely with Marie as she built her business from a blog and a book that she wrote into a million-dollar business through the first two years of her famous B-school.

I *get* how the world of internet marketing works.

The great thing about B-school (and similar programs) is that when you finish them, you have everything you need to start a successful business. Everything.

But, the thing you don’t realize until it’s all done?

You are struggling with consistency.

You know what you need to do – but you are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information.

You know what you need to do – but actually executing those steps now that you are on your own is daunting.

You know what you need to do – but coming up with content to post on a consistent basis is HARD.

And most importantly…

You know what you need to do – but you don’t have a website or brand that reflects YOU.

One of the core lessons in B-school revolves around Creating a Website that Converts.

And while I know they gave you a lot of information on how to do that – I’m 100% sure that they didn’t talk about how to create a website that not only converts, but also Authentically Represents Who You Are And What You Are Doing.

And that’s a really important piece of the puzzle.

You may bring in some bucks by just doing your thing with the website you’ve got…

But you won’t start making serious Benjamins until you start showing up as YOU…being the person you truly are…and having a website that translates that for the world to see.

So, let’s say that you’ve been doing that thing you were meant to do…

whether it’s making jewelry…

or coaching lives…

or teaching people how to be healthy

(or any number of other things)

Chances are that you’ve been doing it wrong.

You got your website set up, you wrote your copy, you are selling stuff…but honestly, business isn’t like, on fire or anything.

That’s because your website, your copy, your everything isn’t really properly conveying your personality…

And that’s where I come in.

How Can I Help?

I used to call myself an Intuitive Designer. And that’s still true. But after a long conversation with a guy who only knew me via my website, I realized that what I really dig isn’t the website creation or the design alone.

What I love, love, love doing is helping each individual client’s personality be so apparent via their website that the *right* people can’t help but find them and practically throw money in their direction.

What I super specialize in doing is helping YOU transform your website, your copy and the general feel of your website from meh to WOW.

(like this)





If you want to reach the right people, it’s absolutely imperative that your website conveys not only your services but also your personality.

So, I’m taking my business in a new direction. My super basic web design services will still be available, but only to a select few.

For everyone else…a brand new way to work with me..

I’m calling it Authentic Alchemy because it’s taking what you’ve got and turning into GOLD.

a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation into an authentic online representation of YOU via your copy and your website.

And just so we’re clear…

This is not something where you can just click the buy button and you’re in.

Not everyone is going to be a good fit for this project, and we need to talk about where you are in your business and what you’ve currently got going on. We need to make sure we are a good fit before I take your money.

Oh, and the price tag…that’s probably something you’re wondering about too.

Authentic Alchemy Consult


  • a 90 minute Zoom session to discuss what feels “off” about your website, discuss your business and what you are struggling with
  • a complete audit of your current website situation and concrete suggestions on how to improve what you are offering
  • a follow up report on what we discuss and concrete suggestions on what to change

Authentic Alchemy Basic


  • a complete audit of your current website situation and concrete suggestions on how to improve what you are offering.
  • up to six pages of personality driven copy.
  • full social media integration.
  • a solid plan to market your brand new personality driven website

Authentic Alchemy Gold

$950 per month x 3 months

  • a complete audit of your current website situation and concrete suggestions on how to improve what you are offering.
  • up to 10 pages of personality driven copy.
  • full social media integration.
  • content curation
  • monthly calls to discuss mindset, goals and highlights
  • custom trello boards to keep you on track
  • collaborative document to develop social media content for you to implement

Ready to chat?

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Laura Pennington Briggs

I waited so long to get help with both my websites because I couldn't find the right person, so when someone suggested Amanda and she offered clarity, a great turnaround, and skillsets on WordPress and Squarespace, I was sold!

She overdelivered, totally upleveled my sites, and "got me" after just one quick phone call, and I will definitely use her again in the future.

Gina Dennis

I love that Amanda has the gift of making something so technical reflect our heart and soul. I won't trust anyone else when it comes to my site.

Gina Dennis

Amanda has mad skills and is making my dreams a reality. If you need an intuitive designer, she's your best choice!

Carmen Schreffler

When Copy is made to feel easy AND I get to weave magic helping someone to navigate through their business it is definitely a VERY good day! p.s. looking for an amazing Web Designer to help you not only create a website but to help you tell YOUR story I highly recommend Amanda Arthur Krill. WAIT until you see the gorgeous new site we have in the works for Wildpreneur. I can hardly wait to share it with everyone. 🙂 🙂 <3

Sabrina Greer

It’s crazy how close you are with basically zero direction!

Woz Flint

Amanda is amazing to work with and her work is AMAZING. I didn't have a clear vision of what I wanted for my site, but she was able to take what little information I gave her and produce a GORGEOUS site for me. She is fast, professional, and uber creative. Amanda is truly at the top of her game and a pro at her craft.

Jane Reeves

I've worked with Amanda for many years now and she is my web and branding superpower! Not to mention all of the e-courses, online books, and numerous creative projects she's whipped up for me. She always delivers exactly what I need and want. Amanda has an innate eye for beauty and brand development. She is a powerhouse and I would never let anyone else touch my website. I love her gift for humor and appreciating what matters in life as well. I feel that Amanda is a gift in her field, and my business has grown up because of the beautiful work she's done for me. Grazie Amanda!