We ♥ Amanda

AMANDA IS SIMPLY THE BEST!397599_101513261708_718771aI couldn’t be any happier with the work that Amanda has done on my new personal web site. She was able to take my dreams and thoughts and create a site which was exactly what I had envisioned.So, When it comes to creating a cool, professional, trendy and effective websites, there is no person that can surpass Amanda Arthur Krill. Her talent and service is exceptional and her knowledge is incredible.I am an irritating demanding (not only feminist), but perfectionist and with launching my first personal website that represents my name and my brand everything had to be just right. Nothing has been too much trouble, all my questions are always answered and any dream or problem I have navigating my way around are always resolved – I could not have asked for it to have been better designed.Amanda has understood exactly where I am coming from and what I want to achieve from my personal website and continues to do so. Thank you for your patience, professionalism and your great job. I highly recommend Amanda for all website needs. Both her creative and technical talents are to be commended. She get my highest recommendation.

– Benja Stig Fagerland

1901510_10203380761579349_490158484_nAlthough I can manage a website well enough, when it comes to design and graphics, I’m have about as much talent and originality as a tree stump. I knew that if I wanted to spruce up my site to the next level and grow my online business, I had to get someone who knew what they were doing – and that’s when I discovered Amanda Krill.I looked at her online portfolio and immediately felt confident that she would be able to create a site for me that was clean, polished, professional and most importantly – it had to represent “the real me”.I was not disappointed. Amanda carefully took note of what I wanted and got to work quickly. In short order, I was presented with a site that exceeded my expectations. Amanda is like Chef Robert Irvine of “Restaurant Impossible” – she can take any online business and make it beautiful and functional yet still remain budget friendly (important for entrepreneurs!)My online business has boomed since the relaunch of my new site. I am utterly grateful to Amanda for her expertise, talent and ability to intuit exactly what I needed and wanted. I won’t work with anyone else!”

– Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady http://www.thetarotlady.com

528841_10151304035993780_1280946241_nI have had a fair amount of website designs. I always knew how I wanted it to feel, the aesthetics matter (a lot!) to me. And I tried a few designers.. But when I met Amanda she quietly and quickly put it together. She understands what I love and somehow translates them onto the page in ways that represent me beautifully. As the daughter of two designers, the visuals are important to me. Having somebody who always knows the exact way to tweak a certain detail, a font, find the perfect illustration.. all while remaining unruffled and lovely to work with..has been a gift and blessing.Amanda and I redo pieces all the time to keep things fresh, plus we’ve done two complete redesigns together. I love the way she has created my brand and business identity for me. My website design, e-books, newsletter.. business card.. I only need Amanda. If design, beauty, and aesthetics are important for you and you want something that is fresh and not like everything else on the internet..Amanda can deliver the goods.

– Lisa Claudia Briggs, MSW, Intuitive and Psychospiritual Mentor
Founder, IntuitiveBody.com


I didn’t have the expertise or time to build a kick-ass website myself and knew I needed a pro. Having seen her designs in action, I was excited to work with Amanda, but honesly I ended up being blown away….the girl ROCKS! First, she has an incredible intuition and was able to create a great looking site that really captured my personality….and did so on the first pass. Second, she knows what works and what doesn’t work from a marketing perspective, and for me that was critical. Her talent and passion speaks for itself in the sites she creates. Working with Amanda was one of the best decisions I made in growing my business!

– Scott Powers, Financial Expert, Actor, Future Superstar

I had been dragging my feet for ages trying to get my website together when I finally decided that I needed to hire a designer to bring it all together.After checking out Amanda’s portfolio and all the other rave reviews, I decided to hire her to do a refresh of my site.I was not disappointed. The subtle changes by Amanda in the site’s layout and design, made a world of difference in making the site look professional and cohesive. Amanda really took my website to the next level and made it something I feel confident in using as a marketing tool for my business.Amanda has also been very generous with her time in helping me sort out a few tech issues I’ve encountered along the way. Thank you for the great work.

Amanda Krill is a miracle worker. She nailed a perfect website for me on the first try. I found her easy to work with, responsive and available by phone and email. She is simply an all around joy.

Now that my website is done, I can’t wait to conjure up some more projects for Amanda to work her marketing genius on. I am so grateful to have found her and highly recommend her website designing expertise.

– Carrie B
Mill Valley, CA

My new website rocks, and I’m so happy with it!Your design is brilliant and easy for me and my clients to use. It’s literally a night and day change from before.

I totally appreciate your knowledge and patience with me through the process, since I am “technically” challenged ;).

I’m excited about how it will continue to evolve.

Thank you Amanda!

~Julie Downey

I just had to take a moment and give Amanda her props for being a-freaking-mazing at what she does!

I sent her a frantic email because I majorly f-ed up my newly launched blog, and in no time she was able to work her magic and restore my site fully!

She knows her stuff and is ready & willing to help the best way she knows how!

-Elsa Isaac

I have been working with Amanda for a couple of years now.

She is brilliant at completing the tasks I ask of her whether it is helping me send out an email blast or completely restructuring my website.

Even though I mostly talk with her on Skype, and I am in New York City and she is in Ohio, I feel she is a very present part of my team.

I can’t speak highly enough about her skills and her easy and fun way of relating and getting the job done.

She’s the Best

-Josh Pais, Enormous Movie Star and Committed Impulse creator.

Marie is right! YOU ROCK! Thanks! Stellar job!

-Kendra Todd, Winner of The Apprentice

Grasie and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the websites. Keep up the great work!

Can’t thank you enough and just so you know. You. Are. Awesome!

-Damien Fahey