Things I’ve noticed about being 40:

1. I don’t stay angry as long as I used to. Breathing helps. Realizing it’s not usually about me. Realizing my anger isn’t usually about them. It all makes a difference.

2. Willingness to wait. If I find it worth it, I’ll wait till the cows come home. If I don’t…I won’t wait a minute.

3. I am acutely aware that my life is more than half over – and I am unwilling to waste one iota of it.

4. For the people that matter, I will forgive you every time. No matter how many times you hurt me.

5. For the people who don’t – you spent your one shot ages ago.

6. I’ve always infamously said exactly what is on my mind, regardless of the circumstances. I don’t anymore. Usually. If it’s not helpful, I keep it to myself.

7. I’m not about pretending my life is perfect. I owe people money. I make bad choices. I cuss more than I should. And I won’t pretend like I have anything together, because I do not.

8. I will always be the risk-taker. The one who is so scared of mediocrity that I’d rather go down in a ball of flames than passively and securely let life pass me by.

So, I guess, not much has changed. That’s pretty much who I’ve always been – 40 has just made me more okay with it.