Alright, back to Wix. Let’s talk this time around about the bits that are part of each package.

They entitle their page Premium Plans, and they outline what you get with each offer. In detail. They use fancy words like “Bandwidth” and “Remove Wix Ads” to lure you to get the next bigger package.

I’m gonna start with this bar at the bottom…”All Premium Plans Always Include”…

Free Hosting: No it isn’t. You are paying for the hosting with the fee for the package. There is no such thing as free hosting.

Domain Connection: Ridiculous. It literally takes 4.2 seconds to update a nameserver. Why would this even be a thing?

500MB+ Storage: This is actually great…BUT, you’ll never need it. I have 10+ websites on my server, and I am way under 20GB. Unless you are, you won’t need this.

Google Analytics: This is FREE. ALWAYS. FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. You just sign up, paste a code in your website…good to go. Not a selling point.

Premium Support: The only thing I can’t complain about – but it’s a ticketing system. Meaning, you get helped in the order your request was received. Which is never NOW.

No Set Up Fee: Oh, well thanks. That’s nice of you.

I have problems with some of the other stuff too.

Listing both “Connect Your Domain” and “Free Domain” in each package basically says, “We didn’t have anything else to put here to entice you, but we’re gonna make it look like we are doing something special for our premium members.”

With Wix, the domain is only free with your MONTHLY charge. Domains are not expensive, people. This is not a bonus.

And I say the same thing about “Remove Wix Ads” – this is NOT a bonus. This is a space filler.

“$300 Ad vouchers”…No. Just No. If you are advertising your crappy Wix website with crappy Wix Ads, there is nothing I can do for you.

Site Booster App & Form Builder App…these are again things that should not be charged for. There are free solutions for this.

And do you realize how much you are paying for “Priority Response”, “VIP Support” and “Professional Site Review”?

That’s $179 for nothing, that’s what that is.

I cannot stress this enough. If you are serious about your online brand, you simply cannot start with a website powered by Wix.

They are reeling you in with shiny bells and whistles and leaving you high and dry with a less than stellar product. You can do better.

Create your own site. Do it yourself. I can show you how.

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