I’m Thankful For My Debt.

I’m Thankful For My Debt.

I bet you NEVER thought you’d hear anyone say that.  But, you know what, it’s the God’s honest truth.

Four years ago I found myself with a mountain of credit card debt.

At it’s highest point, I was hovering around $60k (no joke).  And I didn’t even have a Lexus sitting in the garage to show for it.

I literally spent all of it on nothing.  Nothing that meant anything, anyway.

Two years ago, I hated that debt.  It nearly wrecked my marriage, and I was so stressed out it was unbelievable.

Second thing to be thankful for – my husband is an amazing guy, and he didn’t kick me out.  (Love you babe!)

But now, when I think about my debt, I get all warm and fuzzy inside.  Because you know what, if I hadn’t gotten into debt, I would not have tried to find creative ways to get out of it.

By the time my husband found out about my debt, I was making a good chunk of cash every month, and it dawned on both of us that he wouldn’t have to stay in his hated teaching job for much longer.

As of now, he hasn’t been a teacher for 5 months, and we are happier than we’ve ever been.

My debt isn’t gone yet – but I’m getting there.  And, though I have tons of stuff to be thankful for (kids, life, etc), this year I am MOST thankful for that debt.  I most definitely would not be where I am right now if I hadn’t made that “mistake”.

Which leads me to one final point – there are NO mistakes.  Every choice adds up to making you the person you are – and sometimes you have to make the “wrong” choice so you can do it right the next time.

Let me know what you are thankful for this year…


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  1. Thanks for sharing this experience with us Amanda. I can totally relate to debt and spending with “nothing to show for it”. I applaud your courage in writing this post and the way you’ve framed the situation.
    I totally agree that everything happens for a reason (like RHH Live for instance)! 😉
    I’m thankful for all of the amazing ladies and lessons coming my way this holiday season!

  2. Amanda,

    How sweet! And if I had not been in debt, I would not be making the awesome decisions I am making today!

    I’m thankful for my wonderful family. And our crazy way of figuring things out.


  3. Hi Amanda,

    A really inspiring post for any time of the year ;).

    It’s taken me quite some years to really truly believe that things do happen for a reason – and so often we don’t see that until afterwards.

    Thanks for the reminder and happy thanksgiving to you and your family!


  4. Thank you, Amanda! My debt taught me to use some discernment in my business. I’m an info-junkie. I want to learn from everyone and invest in every “shiny” program that calls me.

    I’m thankful for the opportunity to step aside, use all that I’ve learned from so many wise and savvy business owners and start using those principles to grow my business before investing in yet, another shiny nickel.

    Sue Ann

    PS I’m a former teacher turned culinary nutritionist and I know how draining that profession can be. I loved it just the same, but I love what I’m doing now even better. Still teaching. Still guiding. But totally in control of my creative pursuits! Love your blog. . .

    • Thanks Sue Ann! Yes, it’s very easy to get caught up in all the programs out there. Everybody sounds like they know something you don’t – and I hate being out of the loop!

      Glad you found something you love doing. My husband was a good teacher, but it was NOT his calling. He’s so happy now, and I LOVE it!

  5. Thanks for sharing Amanda, money specially the money that we owe to people is such a taboo in our society.. I will take a page from your book and not be so taboo about my own debt.

    • Oh yes, for sure. I used to hate talking about it, because I look like such a moron for doing it in the first place. But, whatever. We’ve all done stupid stuff, right?!? And in this case, it all turned out so well, how can I NOT talk about it?

  6. Great perspective Amanda! I paid for law school and part of college with loans so when I graduated I had around $120,000 in debt. Scary… I was able to pay off some but a very very large chuck still sits there laughing at me. I hope one day my business will help me pay it off as yours has!

  7. Very cool Amanda, I really liked this post. I always believe that great thing come from being in an ‘uncomfortable’ place in life in which we are forced to challenge ourselves. Very inspiring!

  8. Such an inspiring story Amanda – not just because of how things have unfolded for you but also because it shows the power of learning to work with one’s thoughts. People’s lives just transform when they start to trust that every piece of the puzzle has it’s purpose. By the way, it was so lovely to meet you at RHHLive! x

    • Same here Sabrina – loved getting to meet you. You are right every piece has it’s purpose – even if it isn’t easy to see while you are in the thick of it!

  9. Way to go, Amanda! Speaking as someone who likes to “learn the hard way”, I’m truly grateful for all those experiences because I love who I am today. xo

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