So, you need a website.

And I like to make pretty websites.

We should probably talk.

Because that’s where these things start for me. A conversation. When I am talking to potential clients, I ask them to tell me their story. Even if I’ve already researched them and know the gist. Because as they are telling me about themselves and what they do, if they are a good fit, I start to see the basics of the website in my head.

I may or may not need to get that checked out.

You can read more about my philosophy here. And the process in which I work over here.

After the conversation, should we both decide that we want to move ahead and work together, here are the current options that I’m offering:

Custom Designed Website (for your already finished copy)

Your business is set. You know what you’ve got to offer and your copy is written and ready to go. You just need a visual representation.

You are a dream. I can’t wait to work with you.

My only caveat: don’t come in with a set idea of what you want your website to look like. Your input on the draft versions is absolutely expected and welcome – but if you’ve got preconceived ideas, you’re gonna want to work with someone else. I don’t do well with preconceived ideas.

Cost: Depends. Probably in the $1200-2500 range, depending on the needs of the site (ecommerce, etc). You’d better just send me a message.


Website Reboot (your site just needs a new look)

This is for you if your website is a pre-existing entity, but you want the look of it to suit you and your changing needs better.

I love this kind of gig.

Cost: I’d like to look at the site as it stands now to give you a price for this one. Contact me for more info.


Full Custom Website (with lots of hand holding)

This is my biggest package. I offer it to anyone who really has an idea – but no clue where to go. We make a map. We work through your blockages. This one takes time. Bordering on months if not a full year.

In the end, you walk away with a beautifully designed custom website with killer copy, a clear vision of where you want to go, and a plan for the next year.

I’ll host your site myself and you get 2 months of support after the website is “live”

Cost: Drop me a line here. This one will need a custom quote.