In business, time is money, so any time wasted unproductively is essentially costing you financially by eating into your profits. When it comes to increasing productivity in the workplace, many businesses focus on the individual state of mind of their employees when often there are other larger, overlooked factors at play.  Here are 3 of the most commonly overlooked things that could be killing the productivity of your business – take a look and see what you can change.

  1. Technical issues
    Technical problems in the workplace aren’t just frustrating, they’re also one of the leading causes of poor productivity. A slow computer, poor internet connection, outdated version of certain software and even that sticky keyboard key that keeps omitting the letter ‘N’ are just some of the technical problems businesses can face. These technical issues may not be glaringly obvious, after all, the technology is still working and your employees are just pushing through the pain, but they do hamper productivity and over the course of a week, month or year can cost you hours of time, and therefore cost you hours of profit. Don’t let the small technical stuff be the reason why your workforce is unproductive and hire Business IT Support to give them the help they need when things go wrong.
  2. Noise
    Unrequired and persistent disturbances can easily pull a focused employee out of their zone, reducing their productivity. Chatty co-workers may be the first thing to spring to mind when thinking about workplace noise but often there are other overlooked causes such as the kitchen coffee machine, the printer, a banging door or the kitchen microwave beeping. Almost always, these disturbances can be minimized with careful office planning – keep the kitchen separate from the office space and behind a soundproof door, use cushioned door seals to stop the door from slamming and put the printer in its own sound-proof home. Another way to approach noise disturbances is to allow employees to work with headphones. Headphones are a controversial subject in many offices but many employees find that listening to music enables them to concentrate more than if they are constantly listening to the room around them. Consider trialing headphones in the office and see if it improves your business efficiency.
  3. Comfort
    There’s a reason why businesses spend top dollar on office ergonomics – it increases productivity, but a correctly adjusted office chair and the right height computer do a lot more than that just help employees to work harder, it can save them from uncomfortable injuries too. Comfort in the office is something that should never be overlooked and must be considered as providing your employees with the basic tools they need to do their job. Aside from ensuring that your employees have their workstations set up correctly, also pay attention to other areas of comfort such as the climate of the room, the air quality and the lighting levels as these too have all been proven to have an impact on employee productivity as well as employee happiness and retention.