You’ll put a lot of effort into running your business. In most cases, you’ll be focused on the larger picture. Sales, marketing initiatives, and similar areas will all be front-and-center in your mind. While these are all vital to your company, you’ll also need to focus on the basics so everything’s running smoothly.

That starts with getting the essentials when you’re opening your company’s office. You’ll already know to install computers, desks, and desk chairs, but these are far from the only things you’ll need to pick up. The other essentials can be spread across multiple areas, with three of them standing out.

It’s worth diving into them.

Essentials When You’re Opening Your Company’s Office: 3 Top Areas

1. Paper Supplies

While email and other technological advancements have made companies less reliant on paper supplies, it doesn’t mean you won’t need them at all. They’re not going to disappear completely, and you’ll likely need to have:

  • Company stationery
  • Business cards
  • Sticky notes
  • Manila folders
  • Envelopes

Make sure you always have a decent amount of these in stock so your employees have them on-hand when needed. It avoids delays in getting specific duties done in the long-term. They’ll get duties done faster and easier because of it.

2. First Aid Supplies

Every office needs to have a first aid kid in its office. Making sure this is fully-stocked and easily accessible for your employees is vital for their safety, and could even be legally mandatory. Some of the more notable first aid supplies you’ll need include:

  • OSHA-approved first aid kit
  • Instant ice packs
  • Gauze
  • Gloves
  • Wet floor signs

Keep an eye on legal regulations when you’re putting this together, but it’s always worth going beyond the basics. Make sure everything’s fully stocked and nothing goes out of date so your first aid kit is as high-quality as possible. It should be part of your office maintenance checklist.

3. Technology & Accessories

Computers, printers, and small business networking solutions will all be obvious essentials when you’re opening your company’s office. What you mightn’t have realized is that you’ll need quite a few other things on top of this, especially when it comes to accessories. They’ll be vital to make sure your machines and devices keep running smoothly.

Make sure to pick up:

  • Power strips
  • Flash drives
  • Toner and ink

While you might need to replace many of these relatively regularly, they’re worth the effort. They’ll make sure you and your employees can actually use your machines and devices properly.

Essentials When You’re Opening Your Company’s Office: Wrapping Up

There are countless essentials when you’re opening your company’s office, many of which could easily be overlooked. They’ll be vital to letting your employees work productively and effectively, however. It’s worth making sure you put the time and effort into getting them so your workers can do their jobs.

Technology and related accessories, paper supplies, and first aid equipment will all be some of the more important parts of this. While it’ll take a little time and effort – not to mention money – to get these, they’re more than worth it.