How well your business performs is all based on your skills and expertise to get things moving in the right direction; no one can deny that. However, despite how skilled you might be at what you do, you cannot excel at everything. It’s just not possible, nor do you have enough hours in the day to single-handedly take care of all aspects of running a business yourself, especially as you start to grow and expand.

With this in mind, it’s helpful to have some experts on hand who can take control over running certain parts of your business for you so you can retain exceptional results and standards and be able to put your focus where you need for ongoing viability.

But who exactly do you need?

A Mentor

A mentor is essentially you but better. A business mentor is someone who has walked your path before you and is on hand to lend their experience and exercise of new and emerging businesses to help them avoid common pitfalls in the first few years of operation. They will be there to help and guide you, talk through what you are doing and how to make changes, and generally be your cheerleader as far as being successful is concerned. If you want to make sure you are doing things correctly, investing in working with a business mentor can be exactly what you need.


Some businesses make marketing look easy, don’t they? And while an enthusiastic social media account can be enticing, if they don’t have anything to back up their exceptional content and visibility or can’t capture leads from viral content, it’s pointless at the end of the day. You need to be working with people who have exceptional marketing expertise who can understand your brand, develop a campaign for you that is driven by results, and know exactly what you need and where to find your customers. Not all business owners can capture this skill level, so if you want your marketing efforts to be a success, you need to find the right marketing partner for your business.

Tech Guru

You need technology to help you with pretty much everything in life these days, and running a business is no exception. If you don’t know your cloud from your IP address or the thought of setting up new software frightens you, you need a tech guru to help you keep things moving. Technology has many advantages for small business owners, and the right tech can improve what you do and make your life much easier. But if you are a technophobe, chances are you won’t be using what you need or implementing what you have in the right way. You can bring a tech expert on board as part of your paid staff, or you can outsource your tech needs to a third party who can take control of all of your technology and ensure everything is operating as needed to support what you do.

Sure, there are loads of experts who can support your day-to-day operations; however, these three can be worth their weight in gold as far as supporting you and keeping things moving in the right direction.