Productive employees are the key to success in any business. So, if you have a problem with productivity, your business is in big trouble. Sometimes, you will get those employees that don’t want to work hard and it’s important that you try to avoid these kinds of people during the hiring process. But if there is a lack of productivity across the board, that suggests that you have bigger issues to deal with. It’s not the employees themselves, it’s something that you are doing wrong. It’s important that you work out where you are going wrong so you can fix it right away. These are some of the reasons that you might have a productivity issue. 

Employees Don’t Feel Valued 

If you want people to work hard, you need to make them feel valued and let them know that you appreciate all of their hard work. If you are not doing that, you will have a big productivity issue. There are a lot of ways to make people feel valued but their salary and benefits is a big one. If people feel that their pay doesn’t reflect their work, they will not be productive. It’s not just about money though, you also need to find ways to highlight good work and let people know that you value their contribution. An employee of the month scheme is a great way to do that so if you don’t have one in place already, you should consider setting one up. You can get some great plaques and trophies from companies like EDCO Awards and single out the people that have gone above and beyond each month. A bit of healthy competition is a great way to boost productivity and it will make employees feel valued if you are recognizing their hard work at the end of each month. 

Bad Management 

If people are not managed effectively, they will not be very productive at work. Managing a team is a difficult skill to master and a lot of managers are too hands-off. Without the right guidance and support, your team will not be as effective as they could be. Equally, it’s important that you are not micromanaging people because this gives the sense that you do not trust your employees and your suggestions are not always that helpful. It’s important that you find a balance and ask your employees how they prefer to be managed. 

IT Issues 

Your employees are so reliant on computers and technology to do their jobs and if you are experiencing a lot of IT issues, that’s going to have a big impact on productivity. This usually happens for a couple of reasons; firstly, outdated equipment is prone to breakages so if you’re not updating your computers regularly, you will have a lot more issues. Secondly, you need to make sure that you have a well staffed IT team that are doing routine maintenance on your technology so you can avoid any big problems. 

If you have a big productivity issue in your business, it’s more than likely caused by one of these things.