If you run a small business and are itching to get back to the office, you are one of many business owners who feel the same way. Reopening the office after coronavirus is something that most company leaders are now looking to do, but the process can be long and arduous.

The number one priority when reopening your office space is the health of your employees. It can be very frustrating to have to reopen at a slower pace than you’d like, but at the end of the day, it is more important to protect those belonging to your company.

Here are the three most crucial steps you need to take when reopening your office after the pandemic.

A Vaccination Program

As an employer, you can implement a vaccination program in your office. This allows you to not only help your employees be safe and healthy, but to pioneer this program as part of your employee healthcare plan. Getting people vaccinated as quickly as possible is the easiest way to ensure that they are going to stay safe at work.

Here are a few steps you need to take to implement a vaccination program.

  • Check with your company healthcare provider about the availability of vaccines for your employees.
  • Obtain consent from your employees. Not everybody will be willing to have a vaccination.
  • Make a schedule to have the vaccinations completed and introduce your comprehensive vaccine card program. 

Update Your Health And Safety Procedures

Health and safety procedures have had to expand during this crisis, and your company will need to get on board with these changes.

Make sure that your company has fully digitised its health and safety procedures for ease and simplicity. In addition, your company should update its health and safety training for all employees so that they are aware of how to avoid virus transmission – including hand washing, social distancing and wearing masks.

Hybrid Working

Many business leaders are predicting a sea change in the way offices are run, even after the pandemic is over.

If you run your own office, you might be looking into hybrid working for 2021 and beyond. Hybrid working allows people to work from home some of the time, while being in the office other days. Not only does this cut costs for your business, but it also reduces the number of people in the office at once.

For productivity reasons, hybrid working seems to be the best of both worlds. Your employees will get the social and professional structure of office life, while being able to stay at home and work remotely for some of the week.

For your small business, hybrid working can offer a number of solutions in one fell swoop. A safe office means a reduced number of staff, so hybrid working truly is the answer to your prayers amid the coronavirus.

Final Thoughts

Hybrid working, health and safety training and vaccination programs are the key to reopening a safe, secure office post-pandemic. Good luck!

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