Regular employee reviews are an important part of every business. If your staff aren’t working effectively, your business isn’t going to move forward. You need to work out where those inefficiencies are and rectify them, otherwise, your productivity will suffer. But employee reviews aren’t just about finding the people that aren’t working effectively, it’s about rewarding the people that are doing good work as well because that’s one of the best ways to improve productivity in your company. A lot of business owners don’t really have a very good employee review process and they don’t get much out of it. If that’s the case, you’re wasting a good opportunity to make wide scale improvements to your company. If your employee reviews are coming up soon, these are some of the things you should be looking for.


A person’s time keeping skills give a good indication of their work ethic and their skills so you should always look at that first. If somebody is turning up to work late on a regular basis, that implies that they’re not very motivated and they’re not that invested in their job. Those employees probably aren’t going to be working that hard and they’re just there to collect their paycheck. You can make it a lot easier to monitor people’s timekeeping if you use software to track time and attendance and look at the trends. In some cases, people might be struggling to manage time for other reasons. For example, if somebody is coming in late every Friday because they have to drop the kids off at school that day, you should speak to them about changing their hours slightly to make life easier for them.

Monitoring people’s timekeeping shouldn’t just be about punishing them for being late. It’s about working out the reasons for their lateness and seeing if you can do anything to help them.


Technology is a great asset that can help to improve productivity in your business, but sometimes it has the opposite effect. If you have poorly designed software that is filled with bugs, it’s just going to slow employees down and make their job harder. You should ask them about the systems that they’re using and whether there are any that are making their job more difficult than it needs to be. If you act on that feedback, you can ensure that you’re using technology to improve productivity instead of having the opposite effect.


Excessive stress levels have a big impact on employee productivity. If people are working long hours and not getting enough downtime, they’re not going to work effectively. That’s why it’s important that you look at each employee’s workload when you’re doing a review. If you have some employees that are working overtime and taking their work home with them because there aren’t enough hours in the work day to finish everything, that’s a big problem. Equally, you might have some employees that have a very light workload, which gives you an opportunity to redistribute work a bit to make life easier for your overworked members of staff.

If you conduct simple employee reviews without looking at these important factors, you won’t be able to use the results to improve your business.