Whether you are starting your own online business or under Covid-19 restrictions, working from home has become a prevalent model over the past year. But sometimes it isn’t as easy as people think and there are some things to consider:

  • An appropriate desk
  • Ergonomic accessories
  • Cable management

Ensuring that you have an appropriate desk for working is vital for accommodating your needs and understanding your working environment can help prevent long term injury while correctly installing wires and cables can prevent unnecessary accidents.

Craft Your Work Station

If you have ever worked in an office environment then you were probably used to having an appropriate desk that accommodated everything you needed. That’s because proper office desks are designed differently than the usual small home desks that most people choose to buy.

There are many office desks for sale and while some of them might look great, the best advice would be to choose practicality rather than style. Think of the size and shape. If you are going to be working from home for a long period of time then you will need a large desk to accommodate any folders, files, binders and other accessories that you require. It is surprising how much stuff ends up in your immediate working area.

Also, bear in mind that you might be using the desk in the long term so choosing a hard plastic or similar synthetic material might be better than the gorgeous polished oak that screams exuberance. This desk will get damaged so choose wisely.

Know Your Environment

While this is a strange word it simply refers to man’s relation to his working environment. Ergonomic furniture needs to be adaptable to fit anybody so as to make a person as comfortable as possible if they are to be in the same position for extended periods.

The use of ergonomic items proliferated in the early 2000s when office workers and technicians such as programmers who used computers a lot began to develop symptoms of repetitive strain injury (RSI) and were suing their employers.

RSI can be serious and includes muscle aches, back pains, musculoskeletal injuries and neck problems. Because of this office furniture such as chairs was henceforth designed to conform with ergonomic standards which mean that it had to be fully adjustable to accommodate any type of person. This has also been extended to include monitor stands, mice and keyboards.

Keep it Safe and Tidy

The proper installation of wiring and cables is often overlooked when people create an office in their home. Usually, a person will plug in any cables and let them fall where they may, but this can be dangerous.

Unsecured cables can be pulled out by a stray foot which can result in items being pulled off of a desk, breakages or even a blowout should a power cable be snagged which could be potentially disastrous for your home business. To prevent this, “cable tidys” should be used whenever possible and a good desk will have clips, cable runners and holes for keeping the amount of exposed cabling to a minimum.

While a lot of accessories such as mice, keyboards and networks are wireless these days and should be used where possible, you will still have to deal with some cables. Many office, home furnishing and DIY stores offer some impressive cable management solutions to suit even the most prolific use of plugged-in items.