When all is said and done, just about everyone, deep down, wants to live an adventurous and exciting life – to be the protagonist of the story, and not just some minor background supporting character who gets nothing done.

Of course, living an adventurous life isn’t just about things like taking up extreme sports, or setting a new world record. At its core, it’s about living in a way that allows you to keep experiencing a sense of wonder, and that lets you pursue your dreams, and have a good time doing it.

Here are a few tips for enabling yourself to live an adventurous life.


Be organised in the right ways, so that you can be spontaneous in others


The idea of “living an adventurous life” usually summons up images of constant spontaneity; booking a plane ticket to an exotic destination on a whim, or taking up a new hobby just because it sounds interesting, for example.

Spontaneity can be great in the right situations and in the right doses. But, in order to allow yourself to live an adventurous life consistently, as time goes on, you need to support your moments of spontaneity, with discipline in the right areas.

Being organised where it counts can allow you a lot of leeway, whereas being completely disorganised across the board, doesn’t.

Fortunately, there are many effective tools available today for all sorts of things ranging from digital bookkeepers to task management programs, that can help you to remain “in control” no matter what else is going on.

Work to keep your stress levels down, and your energy and vitality will be high

Living an adventurous life obviously means staying busy, and getting lots of things done, rather than just sitting around complacently.

Unfortunately, the way that many people try to “fuel” themselves to stay busy and productive, is by loading up on stimulants, driving themselves into a frenzy of stress, and running on fear and adrenaline and cortisol.

In reality, though, chronically elevated levels of stress hormones such as cortisol can make you depressed, steal your motivation, make you chronically exhausted, and dull your mind. Not exactly a winning formula for being energetic and having adventures.

By working to keep your stress levels down, in general, you will likely paradoxically find that your energy and vitality will be high. 


Train yourself to do things that you think are beyond you, and you’ll often find that you misjudged yourself


It’s easy to avoid “stepping up to the plate” throughout life, purely because you don’t believe that you have what it takes to overcome a particular challenge, or get a particular thing done.

To live an adventurous life, though, it’s important that you train yourself to do things that you think are beyond you. Sure, you’ll fail sometimes, maybe often. But sometimes you’ll also succeed, and in many instances you’re likely to be amazed by how much more capable you are than you originally believed.

Many obstacles are only really obstacles in your own mind. But you wouldn’t know it if you never confronted them.