More and more businesses, these days, are entirely web-based. And even the ones that aren’t, rely to an increasing degree on digital tools and systems.

It’s not exactly a surprise, when you consider just how powerful today’s digital systems are, and how much more can be achieved when a company is using the right tools.

One thing this does mean, though, is that companies of all stripes now need to be more and more concerned with “digital dilemmas” afflicting their businesses. These “dilemmas” could come in the form of exploitation or fraud, catastrophic system failures, data loss, or any number of other things.

Here are just a few tips for protecting your business from digital dilemmas.


Keep everything backed up in hardcopy if possible, and only use reliable cloud services


Cloud services are extremely powerful and useful, and in the short amount of time they’ve been on the scene, they’ve already completely changed the way in which business is done.

The problem is, there have been several high-profile security failures for certain major cloud storage companies, and when those security breaches happen, intimate user data is often stolen or corrupted, with the consequences potentially being catastrophic.

To prevent this happening to you, the first thing you should do is to only use reliable cloud services, that boast good security. might be a good candidate, for example.

In any event, it’s worth doing your research.

Additionally, you should be sure to keep everything backed up in hardcopy if possible. This won’t always be possible, but it should be common practice when it comes to things like essential documents, contracts, agreements, and so on.


Be sure to have a reliable antivirus system installed


Antivirus systems range from the fairly basic, to the quite advanced and comprehensive – and businesses will often need different antivirus solutions to individuals.

All the same, a surprising number of companies are laid low around the world, annually, by malicious programs and viruses that attack entire systems, and can rob you blind, or erase your valuable data.

Viruses are developed and released into the world for many reasons. Some of it is the fault of malicious hackers who just enjoy doing damage. There’s also speculation, though, that unscrupulous corporations will produce and release viruses as a way of improving their own market share.

If you’re going to be running a business, a reliable antivirus system is a necessity, not an option.


Have backup systems in place for every contingency


What would you do if you were just completing page 100 of a massive report, only to have your computer crash, and the file get corrupted?

These kinds of mishaps are less common today than they used to be, but they still happen from time to time.

To guard yourself against problems like this, be sure to have backup systems in place for every contingency. Store important files on a portable hard drive or flash drive, in addition to using programs that have a reliable auto backup feature included.