Are you thinking of starting up your own online business? Perhaps you have already developed a product line and are on the verge of getting everything up and running? These are exciting times, and we would like to help you to make a success of it by sharing with you 3 tips for starting your own online business. 

Get some customer input

This should be one of your starting points, whatever your business and industry. You need to take the time to get some customer input before going full steam ahead. 

It can be easier to present your proposition to friends and family first to gain initial feedback and then use that to develop your ideas ready to share with potential customers. 

Shape your plans and ideas into a coherent form so that you can start gathering customer feedback. This will be your market research and it should be able to help you to adapt your ideas to best suit your customers’ needs. 

It is worth keeping in touch and regularly checking in with your customers in those early launch days and beyond. This will enable you to check that you are delivering effectively to them and it will demonstrate to your customers that you value their opinions. 

Use the experts

When you are running your business wholly online, your online presence is your brand, your image, your shop and your reputation. For this reason, it pays to use the experts in order for you to get this one hundred percent right.

Whilst it might be tempting to build your own site as it cuts costs, getting it right should be your priority rather than the spend in this particular area. There is little point in working hard on your product line if you haven’t managed to get your website right or for the site to be unable to handle your traffic or payment gateways. 

You could use companies such as to help you with your cyber security and get a web designer to build and design your site for you. You should find that you can work closely with your designer so that they are able to create your business vision according to your specifications. 

Utilise social media

Social media is a free tool that every online business should utilise. There are dozens of platforms that you can use, and you need to choose the platforms that you feel are going to be the best fit for your business. 

Think about where most of your potential customers are likely to be spending their time online. Use your own customer feedback to assess this if you need to. Choose to use just one or two platforms initially as you need to build them up and be active on them for them to be effective. It is better to have one active channel rather than six that you do not have time to manage. 

Share regularly on your social media channels and always engage and respond to all interactions. Your social media will be the voice and tone of your business, so always remain friendly and professional, and above all else, be social! 

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