Who is your worst enemy in business?

Chances are, you will probably cite a rival business owner, be that your local supermarket, or one of today’s trending online behemoths. These troublesome foes can do much to limit the success you experience.

But what if we suggested you were your own worst enemy? Would that surprise you? It shouldn’t, especially if you fall prey to the same bad habits that many business owners are guilty of. So, check out the previously linked article, and read on below. It’s time to reflect on your actions as a business leader.

You are your own worst enemy in business if…

#1: You do way more than you should be doing during your business day

There is much to do each day, we know. With a team to manage, accounts to figure out, customers to speak to, and investors to impress, it might be that your to-do list is never-ending. You might then start work early in the morning, finish late at night, and even spend your ‘time off’ engaged in business activities. The upshot of all of this? Stress, tiredness, and even burnout. Your health will suffer, and so will that of your business when you are too tired to carry on.

Our advice? Dwindle down your to-do list by outsourcing to others, delegating to your team, and automating some of your responsibilities using the tools provided by Fourth, or any other that is relevant to your business. You will then have less to do, you will have more time to commit to quality work with your other tasks, and your business will have a chance to prosper and grow because of your renewed energy.

#2: You give up easily

Running a business is hard, and there will be times when you make mistakes, suffer defeat, and experience a lack of confidence. During these times, you might give up. You might resign yourself to your failings, and decide to stay in your safety bubble instead. As a result, you will never grow, your business will never grow, and you will never experience the success that could be awaiting you. Sucks, right? 

Our advice? Remember that you’re only human. You aren’t perfect, so you will make mistakes. But rather than let them limit you, face them head-on instead. Commit to a period of self-analysis and work out what might have gone wrong. Seek the support of the people around you, and ask them to lend you a hand. And better yourself by taking the relevant courses or by reading the relevant books or website articles. You have the potential to be better, so don’t give up. You can do it!!

#3: You do the same things over and over again

Hey, if these same things are working out for you, then great. But if they’re not, it’s time to stop relying on them, as your business will never grow, and you will fall behind your nearest business competition.

Our advice? Conduct your own business audit, or bring in an outside professional to do it for you. Figure out what’s working and what isn’t, and if any changes need to be made, change them. It might be that you need to alter your marketing strategy, for example, or you might need to invest in new business technology. When changes have been made, and you start to approach your business with fresh thinking, you might be one step closer to achieving your business goals. 

So, are you your own worst enemy in business? You might be, especially if you have related to the points we have made. Be your own best friend instead, and make the necessary changes to improve the future of your business.