Sometimes website issues can go unnoticed for too long. That’s because a business owner and their employees won’t have any need to visit the company’s website, so it could be weeks or even months before a usability issue is flagged up. SEO errors can also be difficult to uncover as it can take a good few months until you start to see the results from all your optimization efforts. If you don’t see the results that you had expected, then there is obviously an underlying issue.

As with any kind of problem, it’s always best to spot any with your website as soon as possible. Then you can fix them before they cause too much damage. Here are some of the best ways to quickly uncover problems with your site.

Use A Grading Tool

There are now many great online grading tools that will scan your site to flag up any SEO problems that need to be addressed. All you need to do is enter your site’s URL into this FREE website grader and let the tool get to work. It will scan and read your website and give you an evaluation on the website’s SEO. If there are any fixes that need to be made or any work that needs carrying out on it in order to improve its SEO, it will flag these up.

Get Employees To Test The Site

It’s also a good idea to get people to use the site and report back with any issues that they come across. You can get your employees to do this, or you could outsource it to some freelance website testers. They should navigate to the various pages on your website to make sure that there are no broken URLs and that the menus and navigation bars aren’t too confusing for web users. It’s worth giving them a list of things to do while on your website, such as search for different pieces of information. These tasks need to be common things that web users will want to do on your website.

Look Through Online Reviews

You should be monitoring your company’s online reviews to help you manage the business’s reputation. Not only that, though, but looking through recent reviews might also flag some website issues. If a web user has struggled on your site and not been able to find what they were looking for, they might be very vocal about it when reviewing your business overall.

Hire A Web Designer To Regularly Maintain The Site

If you have a web designer who is regularly working on and maintaining your site, then they should be able to pick up on any problems as and when they arise. Generally speaking, it is also recommended that you get a SEO expert to take care of your site’s optimization once a month, so they will also be able to spot and sort out any issues with SEO.

A web user needs to be able to use your site without any problems. So, make sure you spot and fix them fast!

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