There’s so much more to business than just selling products. It’s easy to assume that creating a company involves opening a shop or website and waiting for the customers to come flooding in, but that’s just not the case. The world of business is competitive and people are picky, what you’re selling might be good, but you still need to convince them to buy from you and not your competitors. To allow people to warm to you and eventually become loyal returning customers, you need to build a brand. You need to essentially sell them a ‘lifestyle’- a way to live that they covet. Whether you’re selling the idea of an organised woman who has it all together to a housewife, or a fun loving party lifestyle to a student, you need to be clever about your branding and use the right tactics. Here are some of the reasons you need to spend time building up your brand. 

People are more likely to trust you

Branding isn’t just a logo on a product- it’s a promise to your customer. When they buy from a well known brand, they know they’re buying good customer service, product testing, high quality materials and a smooth buying experience. This is why customers are loyal to brands, and why they gravitate to more well known names rather than take a chance on companies they’ve never heard of.

You can charge more money

Not only do people trust brands, but due to all of the reasons mentioned above it means that they’re happier to spend more money on them too. If you’re able to build up a recognisable brand you can profit from this by charging more money. This money can then be put back into your business to make it better. 

It reduces competition

Competition is fierce in business, and no matter what you do, you’ll have competition. However, focusing on your brand helps to differentiate you, and therefore appeal to customers that are interested in  you (and will therefore choose you over other, similar companies). For example, lots of businesses sell baby clothes, but perhaps your brand is focused on ethically sourced, all natural materials. It’s these additions that will help you to find your market, find your niche and then build your entire brand around this. One of the most difficult things when it comes to selling is giving people a reason to choose you over other companies. It’s why you need to focus on what makes you unique, as well as have a good brand protection strategy in place. 

You can find fun ways to promote

Building up a recognisable brand takes clever marketing and promotion, while this can be time consuming and costly it can also be fun. Attend expos and events, and run fun social media campaigns. Create a viral ad, or think a little out of the box to reach your customers and make your brand stick in their minds. This can be an exciting element of building a brand. 

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