You operate with one simple assurance. The knowledge that you can say “Step into my office” to your client, wherever you go. Why? Because the world is your office. Your favorite coffee house is your office. Your client’s home or workplace is your office. Your train, bus or plane is your office. Heck, if you’re not feeling great your bed could be your office… Although I’d advise against inviting clients to step into your boudoir. The digital revolution has transformed how and where small businesses conduct their work. From accountants to travelling sales reps to mobile hairdressers, from publicists to pet groomers, a laptop or simply a smartphone can be all they need to make virtually any space into an office. 

Still, while this affords solopreneurs and salaried remote workers alike tremendous freedom, it’s also not without its caveats. Being on the road and on the go can add an element of unpredictability to your operation. Working remotely means that things can, do and may go wrong which may not be an issue in a typical office environment. And when you work for yourself, a loss of function can lead to a loss of profit. 

With this in mind, it’s imperative to invest in the right tech to make sure that your operation is harmonious and efficient wherever you go. Here are some tech investments which will transform the way you do business on the go…

A reliable mobile VPN

If your business requires you to access the internet while you’re on the go (and let’s face it, what business doesn’t) you need a reliable mobile VPN. The more we access the internet outside of our homes or conventional workplaces, the more we need assurance that our access is reliable and secure, especially when we’re using the internet for work. 

Using a Virtual Private Network or VPN can;

  • Allow seamless network roaming wherever you go
  • Make using the internet more secure and reduce your vulnerability
  • Assure compatibility of applications
  • Allow for faster data.

Check out this guide to choosing the best mobile VPN. Whatever your needs and budget, you’re sure to find one that suits you.

A virtual assistant

Ever feel as though you’re drowning in paperwork and tedious administration? Do you worry that you’re not getting enough time to do the parts of your job that you enjoy (or that make your business money). It’s a very common problem, especially among solopreneurs.

Investing in a virtual assistant can give you all the benefits of having an executive assistant on your payroll at a fraction of the cost. They can ease the administrative burden on your shoulders leaving your free to make more money and claw back your job satisfaction. 

The right apps for communication

No matter what you do or whom you do it for, communication is the key to success in business. However, while we have a wealth of options when it comes to communication this can actually be as much of an encumbrance as an aid. 

Starting a conversation over the phone, continuing it on text before moving into email then Facebook messenger… It can make a conversation really hard to track or mine for salient information. Having a communication tool like Slack allows you to keep all of your communication with your team or with clients in one place to allow for more efficient communications.

A document management suite

Don’t you just hate wasting half an hour rummaging through your drives, phone memory, USB sticks and memory cards trying to find a client’s contract, an important memo or other crucial document? Don’t you hate the lack of searchability and indexing that can occur when your files are (quite literally) all over the place?

A document management suite makes this annoyance a thing of the past. They use a web-based interface to allow you fast access to searchable documents which are organized in neat files and folders. They’re intuitive and easy to use and can make a huge difference to your productivity while on the road. 

Project management tools

Creative freelancers like copywriters, graphic designers or smaller marketing companies might juggle various projects at the same time. They may even collaborate on these projects with their own team or with other freelancers. Project management tools like Kanban board and Asana allow for effective project management allowing you to collaborate, delegate tasks, track progress on a project and allocate resources remotely.

There’s no doubt that as digital solutions become more effective and ubiquitous, more and more of us will be moving out of the traditional workspace. Just make sure you have the tools at your disposal to move out productively!