A healthy and positive company culture is crucial for employee satisfaction and organizational success. Unfortunately, many business owners struggle to create a supportive and nurturing work environment. And that’s why employee attrition is on the rise. Believe it or not, 20% of workers have left a job because of work culture. Indeed, a toxic environment, insufficient or unpaid wages, and bad company culture can leave workers unfulfilled and unmotivated. Here are five warning signs of bad company culture you should look out for to prevent talent loss in your business.  

A pattern of people leaving the company

People move on from companies for various reasons, but if there’s a pattern of several people jumping ship, that is one red flag you should not ignore. And it would help if you found ways to determine why. For example, you can ask current employees what issues they face that you’re unaware of. This is particularly important if you have managers and supervisors in your business. It’s not uncommon for such employees to take corporate decisions that affect company culture without informing the business owner. 

Expectations and goals aren’t clear or reasonable

Has the company clearly stated what it expects of its workers regarding their roles or target goals? If yes, are those goals reasonable or attainable? Also, will employee responsibilities and workload reflect how much they will earn? Working in a company that doesn’t set clear goals or expectations regarding work will only lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. 

Higher levels of stress and injuries

Stress is a normal part of almost every work environment. But a company with stressed-out workers and regular cases of work-related injuries is a red flag. Stress could come from a lack of rest and work overload. It usually occurs in companies without structured schedules for work leaves and breaks. Stress can lead to poor mental health, affecting work mood and productivity. Work-related injuries can occur when there’s no system to protect workers, from a lack of office ergonomics to the absence of personal protective wear and equipment. 

Unmotivated employees

What happens on the outside reflects what’s going on inside. Happy and engaged workers are more motivated to give their best and even recommend their employers to job seekers. Unmotivated employees are more likely to bad-mouth their employers and discourage new talent from applying for positions. Talent prospects also see unmotivated employees as a sign of bad company culture.  

Unpaid wages

Unpaid wages serve as a clear indication of a detrimental company culture. Poor compensation demonstrates a lack of respect and appreciation for your employees’ efforts. And this dents their motivation and crushes their trust. Moreover, unpaid wages can breed resentment, cause low morale, and create a toxic work environment. This also indicates systemic issues and a lack of fairness – two vital components of a positive company culture. 

Workers who have not been paid for their time can seek the services of employment law firms to help recover their wages.