You’ve realized that, just like 80% of companies, yours could benefit from using promotional giveaways as part of your marketing strategy. But now you’re wondering what the best products are to gift to your customers? You want a product that’s cost effective, that your clients and potential clients will love, and which gets your business’s message across.

If you’re stuck for ideas, and you want to be sure that whatever you invest your marketing spend on delivers the results you’re after, then take a look at these six-of-the-best promotional products to really boost your brand.

1. Pens, Pencils, USBs and Stationery

Anything useful around the office or home is a good place to start with promotional items. Pens, pencils, post-it notes and USB sticks with your company’s name on them, all work because you know they will be useful to the customer and not be discarded without being put to good use. And if you’re worrying that your customers will find these kinds of giveaways uninspiring and unattractive, think again. In a recent survey by the British Promotional Merchandise Association, USB sticks and pens were still listed as the most popular giveaways with customers. Beware stationery that doesn’t last very long, though, as whilst a pad of sticky notes might be attractive to pick up, they don’t have longevity; and the most effective promotional products, do.

2. Mugs, Glasses, and Water Bottles

These are also popular giveaways, but being able to offer these to your customers  may well depend on your budget. Having said that, the return on investment for something like a mug can be exceptional and they too are often listed as one of the most popular giveaways in customers’ eyes. Not only do mugs last a long time but, because they can also be designed to be quirky and noticeable, they really work where increasing brand awareness is concerned.

3. Product / Service-Related Giveaways

Another successful idea is to give away something which is related in some way to your product line. For example, if you sell camping equipment, could you give away bottle openers or mini torches? If you are a bar or caterer, how about beer coasters? 

4. Reusable Hot Drink Containers

With so many customers now concerned about environmental issues, giving away a reusable hot drink container can help to boost your social responsibility and green credentials. 

5. Key Rings and Luggage Tags

Another classic giveaway, but popular for a reason, is the keyring. They are not only inexpensive, but they also last for a long time and are useful in the eyes of your customer, so offer a great return on your investment. A slight twist on keyrings are luggage tags, which fit particularly well if you work in the travel industry.

6. Wearable Giveaways

Wearable giveaways work. You only need to see all the branded baseball caps and t-shirts people wear, emblazened with one company’s logo or another, to realize this. But what about gifting your clients a variation on the usual white tees and caps. Tiebars, cufflinks, and even charm bracelets if you are tailoring your products to a younger audience, are more unusual and will, therefore, stand out more. 

For even more popular and inspirational product choices, check out the Pin Factory. Their selection of classic, creative and eco-friendly products will give you plenty of ideas.

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