Being addicted to social media, your smartphone, and similar things isn’t all that uncommon these days. These things have been designed to keep us on them. Have you ever found yourself scrolling away, and suddenly you realize you don’t know what you’re doing it for? Maybe you clicked onto the site with a purpose, but the purpose was quickly forgotten and you wasted a good half an hour catching up on people’s lives that you really couldn’t care less about. We’ve all been there! 

It’s important to stay mindful when you’re using these sites, as they can be a huge issue when it comes to productivity and procrastination. However, there are a few lessons you can use from them to make your own site addictive. Of course, you don’t want your site to be to blame for issues in the workplace and other things that social gets blamed for, but you do want people to visit you regularly and stay on your site until a conversion has taken place. 

Let’s take a look at 6 ways you can make this happen: 

  1. Update The Content Regularly 

Content is king, so it’s something that must be updated regularly if you want to keep people on your site for longer, and later coming back for more. High quality content that adds value to people’s lives will always keep people coming back. Put your own spin on popular topics and don’t be afraid to share your expertise. The quality of the content is important, but so is the quantity. Don’t do it sporadically – let people know when you plan to update. Once a week at a minimum is recommended. 

  1. Make The Site Design Easy To Use 

If a site is difficult to use, it doesn’t matter how great it looks or how high quality the content is, people will bounce. Using web design for businesses that is simple to use will make the biggest difference and keep people coming back. 

  1. Use Social Media To Stay At The Forefront Of The Minds Of Your Audience

Social media can help you to keep your audience in the loop, remind them that you exist and keep them coming back for more. Update regularly and interact with them. 

  1. Regularly Update Your Offers

Having new offers regularly can keep people coming back to check what they could have. Get creative! 

  1. Have A Sense Of Humour 

A sense of humour is one of the most powerful things you can have in business. Of course you need to make sure it fits your brand, but keeping things humourous and light will usually have a big impact. 

  1. Keep Pages As Uncluttered As You Can

An uncluttered page is much more pleasing to the eye than a page with different ads and other things all over it. You don’t want to give your visitors eye strain.

Although you don’t want your page to become as addictive as gambling sites or social media (it would probably go against your reputation), you do want people to keep on visiting. Try the above advice!