Being thankful for your loyal clients, sowing them appreciation, is something that keeps on giving back as a small company owner.

Loyal customers are worth far more than their first transaction. As a result, expressing extra gratitude to loyal clients can boost your result and be more cost-efficient than attracting new customers.

Here are some simple methods to show that you care about your customers:

Create A Customer Loyalty Programme

Reward your customers’ loyalty with benefits to keep them coming back for more. Customer loyalty programs are greatly regarded by millennial customers, and they are proven to lead to customers coming back time and time again. Have a look at some Rewards Network reviews to see some of the great reasons why you should include them in your plans. 

Include A Complimentary Gift With Your Order

Customers will feel appreciated if you give them a free present when they buy something from your store, and they will be more inclined to return in the future. To assist customers in preparing their favorite things from your store throughout the holiday season, you can give away anything from complimentary skin lotion to wrapping paper.

Respond To Client Complaints As Soon As Possible

Listening to your clients’ recommendations and criticisms implies “I appreciate you.” Customers enjoy it when you respond to their problem, offer a sincere apology, and make the necessary changes. A good customer feedback program that is connected with your point of sale allows you to keep in contact with consumers consistently.

Use Social Media To Highlight Your Top Customers

Using social media to highlight a “Customer of the Week” allows your customers to enjoy their 15 seconds of fame, helps to make them feel valued, and tells customers that they aren’t the only ones who shop at your store. If you want your consumers to get involved and promote your brand on social media, make it clear what they can do to be mentioned, whether it’s snapping a photo of a recent purchase and uploading it with your hashtag or sending you a video describing why they love your company that you can post.

Use Your CRM Software To Its Full Potential

Not only does the correct CRM keep track of your customers’ contact information, but it also keeps track of their purchase history and shopping preferences, as well as any interactions you’ve had with them. This makes it simple to stay in touch with clients and demonstrate that you care by responding to their individual requirements and preferences.

Make A Video To Express Gratitude

Make a thank-you film for your clients and send it to them via email. Try to involve all of your staff in this so that customers can put a face to your company. They are more inclined to return if they feel like they understand you and your personnel.

These tips should help you to show your customers that you appreciate them and keep them returning. Do you know of any other pointers that could help? Please share them in the comments below.