I’m Amanda

The TL:DR is that I come from a long line of renegades and rabble rousers and I’m categorically unable to do things any way but my own. 

I have a bit of a rebel soul – unable (and unwilling) to stay in one place (literally and figuratively) for very long.

I’m the descendent of no fewer than 10 men who fought in the Revolutionary War, more than one of my ancestors was a moonshiner (some even did time for it…), and well, you’ll have a hard time finding anyone in the last several generations who had a “normal” job.

I was raised by strong women to be a strong woman, and my dad believed with every fiber of his body and soul that I could do and be anything I set my mind to do, and I guess he convinced me too. 

I was born a Michigander, but raised in Ohio but my real roots are deep in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky and the South-East Ozarks of Missouri. 

I don’t know how to be lazy. I don’t know how to give up. And I don’t know how to not give it my all. 

I have three grown kids who make me prouder than a peacock. They are all talented, creative, outstanding humans who are doing their own things in the world. 

My Mission

My real passion lies in helping women live the big bold life that God meant for them.

That’s the whole purpose behind my project Just Boldly Go.

You can tune in to my podcast, read one of my books, or sign up for one of my courses.