In 2021, you wouldn’t be incorrect to say that many online brands can feel the same. As most of us encounter marketing through our smartphones, our desktop computers, laptops and televisions in the current year, the format by which companies must speak to us and try to engage our interest has been standardized to some degree.

This can lead the overarching breadth of how they try and gauge and gain our attention to feel somewhat dull. For instance, many people are tired of the oh-so-zany and quirk Twitter profiles created by companies to leverage shares and retweets by being snarky and edgy in their marketing.

How else, however, should businesses try to market their goods? It might be that as a leader of a brand, you’re thinking of how to properly add a unique aesthetic, how to cultivate the principles necessary to explain your brand properly, or how to cut through the seemingly endless uniformity of brand presence with something a little more stable, authentic, and defined by its own terms? This doesn’t mean you have to ignore the prior efforts of course, but a little creativity could be key.

In this post, we’ll see how that might develop. Without further ado, please consider:

Consider Your Business Voice

What is your business voice? How does it present itself? For instance, the voice used by a young law firm is going to be much different to a children’s toy brand. The kind of language you adopt, the font you use to express it in, and the means by which your employees are instructed to interface with clients and customers can totally shift how your brand is perceived, which may add some weight to the perception of what you have to offer.

Consider Your Business Presence

The presence of your business, particularly in how it sets up its website, its retail stores, and its expo attendance can speak volumes about what you have to offer, what values you hold dear, and how you interact with the themes of your product or service. For instance, it might be that a survivalist store could attend a local expo using materials sourced from Rockywoods to cultivate an excellent stand, showcasing and demonstrating their latest survival or outdoorsman products worth thinking of. A dedication to theme can make your brand stand out in the eyes of your customer, as neutrality is hard to remember.

Consider Your Business Goals

What are your business goals and how can they be met? After all, we can curate the aesthetic of our brand, but if they’re not in line with what we hope to achieve, that can ring off a little hollow. Maybe sustainability in your industry is a space you hope to innovate in. How can your brand aesthetic, such as your business vision statement, your social media banners, and how you invest in the local community reflect this? As you can see, aesthetics do not come from the ether, they are competently assessed and should grow out of the development of your firm.

With this advice, you’re sure to add a competent and unique aesthetic to your brand.