Journeying Woman   Ann McMahon

Its not common to get emotional about a website, but here goes. Amanda Krill saw me through 3 changes of website, or rather 3 iterations of my business. The final one, I finally claimed my identity & called it by my true name. Amanda is insightful, she somehow sees where you want to go before you really know it yourself. Technically, she knows what she’s doing & just gets on with it, so you can get on with what you really need to be getting on with. Design wise, she’s magic, somehow knows what you like better than you know yourself. Her questions led me to rethink my brand & where I want to go. Best of all, she’s a n absolute joy to work with: nothing is too much trouble- she’s fun, super efficient & friendly. Five stars, two thumbs up, first class, whatever…. you want to work with Amanda.

– Ann McMahon

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