Every boss wants their workplace to be efficient, productive, innovative – and probably many more things besides! But in a rush to perfect our business, we can end up spreading ourselves and the team too thin. If your business seems to lack direction, or you’re constantly frustrated by stalling growth, you need to take stock. Are these five things killing your business? 

Spreading Staff Too Thin 

We all want to keep costs low and get the most out of our team. But overworking staff is dangerous, for them and your business. Plus, sometimes it’s not even a good use of their skills. Why hire a highly talented marketer with years of experience, only to ask them to do administrative tasks? You’ll get more from them by allowing them space and time to flex their creative muscle. Instead, why not outsource some of the more repetitive or low skill tasks. 

Avoiding Tech 

There are so many different software packages, apps and installations that we could use, that sometimes we don’t end up with any. The choice is overwhelming. Plus, not all of us have the technical know-how to make confident decisions in this department.

It might be worth getting and IT solutions company to consult on the most efficient technology choices for your business needs. But many offices now rely on Office 365 plans, which are a reliable way to boost productivity. 

Uninspiring Office 

Is your office comfortable and set up for productivity? Does it inspire creativity, collaboration, and concentration? A messy, distracting, or uninspiring workplace can drain staff and lead to a poor culture. See if you can redecorate the office or rearrange the furniture. You might want to invest in some standing desks to enable people to work more healthily and creatively. 

You could also think about creating a relaxed area where staff can build up relationships or get some headspace. It’s easy to get used to the office as it is, but if you take a step back you might see lots of room for improvement. It’s a great idea to make any changes in consultation with staff. After all, they should know how they work best. 


Even the best-intentioned boss can end up micro-managing. It makes sense. You want the job to be done correctly because it’s your business at stake. But you hired these team members for a reason. It’s surprising how differently staff can perform when they are given autonomy, trust, and responsibility. Take a step back and see how they rise to the occasion. This will also free up your time as a manager. Use this time for 1-1’s and performance management so you boost productivity measurably and collaboratively. 

Poor Communication 

We can all agree that non-stop team meetings are a drain. But a lack of clear communication will also destroy efficiency and team spirit. Try to strike a balance between over-communication and leaving people out of the loop. Using a workplace communication system like Trello can help to keep everyone up to date without continually interrupting their workflow. It also keeps a digital paper trail of open tasks and agreements you’ve reached.