No one likes to spend hours and hours at work every day, and yet if you’re running a business, you eat, sleep and breathe your business. Working long hours, going home to take care of the house and your family, trying to keep up with your friends – it all adds up to a great time – not! In fact, it adds up to a pretty hardcore way of living that leads you to very slowly burning out. People may call you amazing in what you’re doing, but it’s not amazing to push your body to the point of breakage.

You need to find balance in your life to avoid burnout, and a big part of doing that is learning how to spot the signs of burnout and pulling yourself up on that. Let’s learn to avoid burnout and look at the surest signs you’re handling a burnout situation right now.

  • You’re Unmotivated. When you push your nose to the grindstone too hard, you end up burning it off. Being unmotivated to keep going makes you feel like you’ve “hit a wall”. It’s this wall that proves that you are dealing with burnout. You can combat this by taking some of the stuff you’re doing off your plate, such as your IT management. You can hand this over to a company like The Azure Cloud Experts and take this off your plate. This will then lead to the pressure on your shoulders being alleviated. Pay attention to your own unusual behaviors – once you hit that wall, you’re more likely to eat too much junk food and sleep more.
  • Your Mood Is Sliding. Burnt out individuals have horrendous mood swings. One minute they feel like they’re happy and coping and the next, anger, panic, worry. This constant emotional turmoil is exhausting, and you will be up and down more times than you would be on a rollercoaster. You may find yourself depersonalizing, depressed and alienating people around you. The mood swings are hard to handle, but your answer has been to keep going to work – and it’s not the right answer. You need to have a break or you will be stuck in this awful emotional rollercoaster. You don’t need to be any more tired than you already are.
  • You Hurt. You know when you have the flu and your bones seem to ache? Well, that’s a classic sign you’re burning out. You need your body to function well, but it cannot do that and be in inexplicable pain at the same time. You need to sleep and you need your sleep to be worth it – not catnapping here and there! Your body isn’t supposed to randomly hurt, so pay attention to this and avoid the burnout.
  • Your Skin Suffers. When you are burning out, you wear it on your skin entirely. Rashes, spots, you name it and you’ll see it. You want your complexion to remain clear, and the last thing that you want is the world to see the effects of the burnout affecting you. Keep your skin calm by adjusting your schedule and making time for more in life than just your job.