Running a stock room can seem like a small matter. You’ve got a whole business to run, and the outside world only sees the ‘front of house’ – who cares what goes on out the back? Well, it’s always a good idea to know what you’re working with and how this affects your finances, as the businesses who commit to stock room techniques are always the most successful. 

Which is why it’s important to know you’re running your stockroom properly. It can save you lots of time and money, and it can make your workplace a lot safer to be in; in other words, it’s an essential part of operations! Below are our tips for better stockroom management. 

Picking Your Stock Layout

There are many ways you can choose to organize your stockroom, but not all layouts are created equally! Most companies like to use all of the space, meaning they stock upwards, and they also like to put the most used (popular) products in easy to grab areas, such as just inside the stockroom door. 

Mix and match methods like those above to create an optimal storage system. Of course, you might not feel you have the time to experiment, but the more layouts you try, the better you’ll get to know how your stockroom really works. You’ll fall into a rhythm much easier, which will make ordering stock less of a financial hassle in the long run. 

Invest in the Right Equipment

The right storage equipment is always going to be top of the essentials list, no matter what business you’re running! If you’ve got a stockroom, you’re going to need shelves that can hold the weight of your products all at once, as well as different shelving widths and heights, and if you check out this page, you may even need a temperature gauge too. 

In investing in this kind of equipment, you allow your stock to pretty much take care of itself. You also give your employees an easier time loading, unloading, and rotating the stock, and any perishables you keep back there have a higher chance of lasting their full storage period. 

Running a Cleaning Schedule

From time to time your stockroom will need cleaning. Now, that’s going to be a hard job to manage if you don’t know where anything is, don’t use labels, have no tools available in the room, and constantly have items tipping over onto the floor. What are you to do? 

Well, the best thing to do is run a schedule. Assign someone at least once a week to go round and pick things up, put them back where they need to be, and ensure there are no obstructions in the stockroom layout. Run each worker through a quick tutorial so they all tidy in the same way and you won’t have much trouble keeping the stockroom clean in future! 

Running a stockroom properly is all about preventative maintenance. Make sure it’s clean and organized back there!