Most entrepreneurs are “different”. They like to do things themselves. They like to understand all facets of their latest project.

And 8 out of ever 10 project fails.

Why do you think that is?

Well, it isn’t like I’ve done any scientific studies on this, but I think I know the answer.

It’s because they don’t just like to do things themselves…they can’t relinquish control. And it’s not necessarily that they like to understand all facets of their latest project – they resist letting go of any portion of the project and trusting someone else to care about and/or work as hard on the project as they do.

I totally get that. I tend to lean in that direction too.

But that’s exactly why most entrepreneurs fail.

Because they fail to put together an effective team that will support them. They can’t or won’t trust the people they hire, if they hire anyone at all.

They try to build their own website. They try to manage the books themselves. And they try to maintain excellent customer service. All while living their life and doing God-only-knows how many other things.

Here’s a clue – if you are doing all of that yourself, you aren’t doing any of it well. (Unless your business is building websites – which isn’t implying that I’m doing all of those things well – just that if you build websites for a living you can probably handle that portion.)

Get yourself a team. Find a good designer. And a good assistant. And a good accountant. Get a good support system in place – and most of all, make sure you are making/doing something that is putting value into the world. That’s the best way to beat those 8 out of 10 odds.