A voice in my head has been bugging me to make this video for DAYS.

Another voice was telling me not to because…

A ) Who is even going to watch it.
B ) Why would anyone even care.
C ) I don’t have a “Pro” environment in which to do it.

All of that is just BS. So I did it anyway.

What I want to achieve with this video is to inform you of three different ways I learned a WHOLE lot about myself + realized I actually do have some strengths/talents (because I really thought I didn’t, and you might think that about you too.)

Oh, and I also tell you about this awful thing that happened to me + thing that I did when I was 9 or 10 that has absolutely affected me to this day.

It was cathartic, and I hope it helps you think about what happened to you that might have caused you to be less YOU, at least in front of the world.

The most important thing in all of this is this statement:
“The greatest value you can add is to become more of YOURSELF.”

Make sure you comment and let me know what your strengths are, what your 16 Personalities results are, or what that moment was for you and how you are going to change it.


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