I’ve known Melody Granger for awhile now. At least five years. Maybe seven. I don’t remember exactly when we met, and quite frankly, I suck at gauging both time and distances.

Either way, she’s an organizing genius. I’ve utilized her skills – even though she’s in Louisiana and I’m in Ohio. I’ve seriously considered flying her up to help me some more.

For a very, very long time she was a total website DIY gal. And she did a great job. Her content is absolutely killer. And considering she doesn’t make websites for a living, I’d say she did a pretty good job. Here’s her website before we collaborated on a makeover:


She’s got all the key elements for a good website. It’s easy to navigate. It’s got an opt-in. It’s got social proof that some big media has heard of her.

But it sorely lacked personality. To get to the core of what she does, and how she can help you, you had to read. A lot. And, if you know anything about people who browse the internet, you’ll know that

A) You’ve got like three seconds to get their attention.


B) Most times you don’t even have that much time.

So, we started from scratch with her look. The content remains the same, though we cleaned up the pages a little and she went through and reorganized a few things.

Here is the after:

┬áSee the difference? Isn’t it palpable? Don’t you just feel like you know her as soon as you land on the site? That’s the difference between doing it yourself and hiring someone who does it for the love of it.