How true is that quote?

What I want to say to you today is on the surface about making sure your website is responsive. But deep down inside, it’s about making sure your whole life is too.

Let me explain.

It recently came to my attention that there are a crap ton of gurus out there who have websites that are not responsive. Seems like it’s not a big deal. But it is.

Because in the last 12 months, having a responsive website has become one of the single most important things for an online business. Why? Mobile phones.

More people access the internet via their mobiles than via any other device. Consistently.

And if you have a website that’s set to fit nicely on a traditional laptop screen and nothing else, your viewers are not seeing your whole website. And they have to scroll left or right to see it. People don’t scroll left/right on a mobile. They scroll down.

In fact, people are so used to scrolling down on their websites that it’s now not a problem to have a lot of content on your homepage. There was a time when having a concise to the point, short “above the fold” home page was the goal. That’s not the case any longer.

So, what’s this got to do with those gurus who are not running a responsive website?

*It came to my attention that not everyone knows or understands what a responsive website is, nor why it’s important to have one…

A responsive website means that it fits whatever size device you are using to view the site – and it looks good. Items shrink or grow based on screen size, or don’t show at all if you are on a mobile, to deliver a seamless, branded website. 

The old-school way of doing this was to make a separate mobile version of your website. Usually stripped of most of the branding and options available on the full site.*

It tells me they are behind the times. They are telling you things that worked two years ago. Those things don’t work anymore. It’s time to start thinking on your own and finding relevant gurus who are willing to move with the times. Or maybe, just maybe, do your own thing, no matter what any guru is doing.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are. Or how strong you are. Or how much you think you know if you are stuck in a spot that doesn’t let you grow. The ones who are most responsive to change – they are the ones who are going to make it.