As an entrepreneur you’re well aware that your website is the shop front to your business. It’s the first place potential and existing customers land on that tells them all about you. Not only, the products or services that you sell but also the kind of business you are, one that takes the customer experience seriously.

As part of your website you may have considered a blog. Perhaps you already have something written up but haven’t updated it in a while. Perhaps you’re considering adding it to your to-do list but aren’t sure exactly what the benefits really are of creating this extra work for yourself.

In this short article, we’re exploring the power of the blog. What they are, how to write them and why you should create one for your business.

What is a Blog?

Apart from the obvious, yes it’s a short article but it’s more than that. A blog can and indeed should, be something personal. That doesn’t mean you have to pour your heart out on your business site but instead use your blog as an opportunity to showcase your personal service.

If, for example, you run a garden landscaping business you might use a weekly or monthly blog to talk about what’s going on in your garden and combine that with some great gardening tips.

Your blog is an excuse to show off your expertise and industry authority in a way that’s personable and that speaks to people.

Writing a Blog

You should, of course, write your blog on topics that interest you, but alongside that there are some basic do’s and don’ts. Do write to a decent length. Anything shorter than 500 words looks like you don’t have much to say and will struggle to get picked up by Google in a search (more on that later). You should also ensure that your spelling, grammar and punctuation is second to none. No one likes seeing mistakes on screen and with the huge variety of spellcheckers out there online there’s really no excuse.

Make sure to include images in your blog. Walls of text just puts people off, so include some photos or a short video. All of that will go a long way in getting your blog read.

What Does a Blog Do?

For your business a blog helps to establish you as an authoritative voice, it also puts you in direct contact with your customer. They get to know the name behind the brand and that helps drive up loyalty and interest in your site, a site that has a human face.

In terms of the technical side of things, a regular blog full of keywords that people Google when looking for your type of business can really help you appear higher up in search engines.

Ask any SEO Agency and they’ll outline the advantages of writing a regular piece to boost business and your searchability.

Don’t get left behind, get a blog. Great for your customers, great for your business and you might even find it fun.