If you aren’t fresh out of college or education with a marketing degree, a degree in graphic design, or anything close – what can you do? 

Not every great marketeer has a degree in marketing; in fact, some learn by doing. 

You can get plenty of tips and guidance online to help you master marketing – ahead of taking on paying clients. 

Personal network

Your personal network is probably a goldmine when it comes to marketing possibilities. It can be essential to begin to position yourself in the industry. Follow thought leaders, seasoned marketing individuals, and companies. 

Make sure that you stay up to date with marketing practices and note great marketing campaigns. 

Build a personal network around your end goal: to work in marketing and be a marketeer of value. 


Since you aren’t likely to snag a fantastic role in a firm yet, one of the most critical things you can do is build a marketing portfolio. 

Build your website, and begin a/b testing on it. Get familiar with Google Analytics Google Ads – and make sure you take their free courses. 

You might not know which industry will suit you best yet, which means you are in a great position where you can try out a lot. Find real estate templates, social media templates, and swipe files, start to build a range of tried and tested materials – and test them! 

Learn about audiences

The audience persona you build for clients will be one of the most powerful tools you have. Spend plenty of time understanding what an audience persona is and how you can apply it to your client. 

How can you capture and hold the audience’s attention? 

Become obsessive about getting messages across to the people who can benefit from the service, product, or information. 

Understand how the tone of voice and the images you use can deter or entice people to listen to your message. 

Free clients

Once you have a portfolio and enough understanding to offer your services out, you still might not seem like much of a prospect for paying companies. So offer your service to one or two companies for free. 

Be careful with what you outline as the scope for your work, though. Just because you offer your services for free doesn’t mean that any boundaries should be overstepped. 

Look at all of the companies that you have a relationship with, and see if any would be interested in you spending time on their marketing. Decide in advance what you can offer and have a discussion with them. Always be clear about what your success markers will be and how much time you will spend. 

How to set success markers for marketing campaigns.

And even more importantly – remember that even if they don’t have a budget for your services, any paid ads they need should be covered by them. 

Ensure that you can present your work in a portfolio so that you can hand that over for prospective jobs in the future too. 

Breaking into marketing takes time, knowledge, understanding, and a drive to produce truly captivating work. 

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