There are many daunting areas you’re going to have to face when starting or growing a business, but perhaps one of the most important is building the sales team. Without sales, there is no business. Getting it right is crucial. However, it’s important to understand a few things before you start.

Know your strengths

You might be the best at what you do, but what you do probably isn’t building a sales team. It’s important to acknowledge when you need help. Asking the right people for help is good business. The advice you receive can be invaluable. You’ll probably be able to achieve your aims without help, but you can speed up the process and reduce any potential obstacles with a little guidance.

There’s a good chance you already know some people who would be a great help, whether it’s past colleagues or current sales professionals, get picking their brains.

Increase your knowledge

Invest in yourself by learning about some of the areas you’re less knowledgeable. Read books, perform research, and follow sales blogs. This will all help you to build a clearer picture of what you want to create within your sales team and keep you in the loop with all the newest information.

Modern sales are utilizing technology to a greater degree than ever. Spend some time researching what systems are working for other people and make a list of what you think might be suitable for you. The bare minimum for many sales teams is a decent sales CRM, which not only helps employees to track and schedule but motivates them too. For example, you’ll close more sales using Spiro than just a phone and contact list. This is because a modern solution uses AI to provide guidance to your sales team, acts as their assistant, points out inconsistencies, and simplifies processes.

Don’t just build a team, create a culture

Highlighting metrics and establishing solid KPIs is important, but getting your team invested in the importance of these is equally important. Creating a supportive sales team that’s data-driven to succeed will reap rewards.

Ask team members to provide daily or weekly stats to show their performance. You can also hold regular meetings to discuss overall stats. This shows employees that their figures not only matter to the health of the business but that you’re interested and present, ready to provide help or praise as needed.

Training is another aspect of the culture that can be very beneficial. Not only does it ensure your team is always learning, but also group activities will help them to build a team spirit. It also makes the job more rewarding for them, as investing in their continued improvement ads value.

Reduce the stress

Some sales teams work on commission only, but this can be counter-productive. Paying a base salary that removes the stress of paying bills will remove the distraction for them, but it should be at a level that still motivates them to perform well and earn any available commission or bonuses you offer.

Keep an open mind moving forward. Technology and processes are developing constantly, being too rigid can mean you miss out on a golden opportunity because it’s not what you’re used to.


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