Have you been ignoring all of the notices for attending conferences? You probably should pick up those notifications and re-read them! Conferences are one of the best ways that a business leader such as yourself can learn new skills and improve your leadership. Attending conferences may seem like a chore, but if there are ways that you can better yourself, then you should consider going for it. You are a business leader, which means that you need to do everything that you can to improve and be an inspiration for those working for you. There are plenty of excellent ways that you can learn, from reading blogs and participating in podcasts, to watching how-to videos on YouTube. When you can do things like this, you may think that conferences are a waste of your time. Your digital education is fantastic, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldnt be attending things in person. You can often learn far more when you are in the company of others, and without conferences, you could be behind in your industry.

So, whether you are looking at attending giant group workshops with inflatable globes as decoration, or you are heading to a local exhibition to learn from others in your industry, you need to look at enjoying yourself while you immerse yourself in a new learning experience. With that in mind, we’ve put together all the reasons that you need to attend live conferencing events – and why you should send your employees, too!

  • Sharpening Your Skills. Sometimes, you need to get out of your role as a leader and put yourself into the role of a learner. Getting out of your usual working office and putting yourself in front of others is going to change the way you work. One of the biggest habits of those with success in their lives is that they are able to sharpen their skills and keep up with their learning. Successful people don’t just get to success and stay there; they continue to grow and learn to be better every single day. You’ll always come back from a conference with new ideas and new skills learned, which is why you should make a point of figuring out which ones will suit your knowledge base and skill set.
  • Meeting Influencers. Every business leader has someone that they look up to in their industry. Call them mentors, call it professional envy, a conference could give you the chance that you need to meet your idol in your industry. Your chances are more than improved when you are in the same space and it’s a bonus if they’re giving a talk, too. You can make new connections with inspirational professionals and you can then follow that lead into finding a mentor who matters to you. You can expand your reach online, too, tagging in and follow-for-following new mentors, too. You can’t always get these interactions if your business doesn’t move out of the digital sphere.
  • Networking. When your business is online, you use networking on social media to get where you need to go. THere’s no substitution, however, for meeting people in real life. Being able to have a conversation face to face can make a huge difference to the way in which you speak to other people and you could find yourself sitting next to influential people you’ve never even had the chance to email. Networking is more than just the people who could be customers and who could influence you, it’s also about meeting the competition. It’s not a negative thing to learn about the competition in your industry, as these are the individuals you are up against in the same industry. Knowledge is power and the more you know about them the better off you will be!
  • New Equipment. If there is one thing that you can learn in an exhibition or conference is the new tools and apps that may be available to you and your business that you may not have heard of before. You’ll be exposed to the way in which they all work and you can make some informed decisions about what to buy for your business. This is your chance to ask questions to the company directly, and you can learn a lot more about the products, even more than the website will tell you.

  • Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Ah, the biggest reason to attend a conference in your industry: it takes you out of the comfortable position you’re in and forces you to question all that you know about your industry. You won’t have to make small talk when you listen to a podcast, nor do you have to shake hands with anyone. However, if you get in front of the experts in your industry, you will be able to spend time meeting people. This isn’t always easy. A conference forces you to get in front of people and ask questions face to face. If the idea of this terrifies you, bring a colleague! They will benefit from the environment just as much as you and they can learn something!
  • Tips, Tricks & Tactics. Conference environments offer you the chance to learn tips and tricks that you wouldn’t know about in your industry. The problem with the internet is that we believe that reading a tip will help but if you can hear what you need to hear from the industry itself, you’re going to learn more and be able to put those tips into practice. A conference that is well run is one that will help you to learn more than you knew before. That’s the whole point of them! You can learn about how to tweak pieces of your business here and there to be more than you planned for them to be. It’s a good thing, trust us!

Conferences are expensive in some cases, but is this investment going to be worth it? Absolutely! You need to think about how this will benefit you, not how this will be a waste on your pockets! Think about what it could mean for you!