Digital signage is a recommended investment for all businesses and all organisations. There is no denying that the electronic display looks fantastic, but there are a lot more benefits to digital signage than this. It can improve communications between employees as well as enhancing communication with customers as well. It can also be an excellent tool for advertisement purposes. Nevertheless, in order to benefit from these great gains you need to make sure you consider your digital signage carefully. After all, there are various different types of digital monitors available. This article will help you do so by providing you with the key factors you need to consider…


The first thing you need to consider is where your digital monitor is going to be located. This will be determined by the use of the technology. After all, only advertising electronic displays are likely to be used outside. Nonetheless, if you need outdoor digital signage then you will need to go for something a lot more hardwearing. You also need to think about how your screen is going to be secured to the wall. A lot of people tend to consider location once they have actually bought the product, yet it is important to do this beforehand. 

Screen size 

The size of screen you go for depends on the use. How visible does the digital signage need to be? If you are using the screen for advertising purposes then you will want it to be visible from as far off as possible. However, if you are using the digital signage for in-house purposes then you may only require a smaller screen. After all, there is no need to spend extra money on a larger size screen if this is not deemed to be a necessity. 

How content is shared

In addition to this you also need to think about how you are going to share business information. Are you simply going to use text? Are you going to show video? Do you plan on using pictures? What about the possibility to play audio? Again, this depends on the utilisation of content. If it is going to be used for employee interactive contact then you may simply need a text touch screen interface. However, if you are advertising then you may wish to play a video.

Remote content editing

One of the great things about some of the digital signage options available today is the fact that you can edit what is shown from remote locations. This is extremely beneficial for those, such as managers, who are using the screen to connect with employees. Companies offering IT solutions can assist with setting this up. Those who are always on the go need not worry about not communicating effectively with their employees or team members. This is a point you want to consider when you are using the digital signage for in-house purposes.


Lastly, you need to consider how much maintenance your digital monitor is going to need. You want to benefit from something that is easy to use and look after. Nevertheless, if you are going to use outdoor digital signage then this is not always as easy because of environmental factors. Thus, make sure you check this out before you commit to buy.