2020 was an extremely difficult year for businesses. 2021 has followed along the same path so far. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has seen governments around the world implement all sorts of changes to prevent and slow the spread of the virus. This has meant that many commercial premises have had to close and those who can work from home have had to work from home. Sure, businesses that usually run from offices have often been amongst the more lucky companies during this pandemic. At least they have been able to continue operations on a remote basis and generate profit. But at the same time, it leaves us facing a potential problem as the vaccines are rolled out and people are soon able to return to work. We need to settle staff back into professional and commercial environments rather than working from home like many have over the course of the past year. Now, this change isn’t taking place quite yet. We are still waiting for the vaccine to be rolled out and for proven results that it works well enough for life to return to normal. But you should start planning what you can do to make your office space the best possible for when staff do return. Here are some areas to consider while doing this!

Choosing the Right Commercial Space

Many businesses have released themselves from the commercial agreements and leases they had with their office spaces. They haven’t had to use the space for a while now and it may have made sense to avoid having to pay the huge outgoing of commercial rent during these tough times. If this sounds familiar to you, you may need to find a new office space to return to. Browse the market and view some different spaces until you find something that fits your staff in and is suitable. Alternatively, you can plan to create your own office space. This will take a lot of work, from architectural design to Lumber Takeoff Estimates to construction. But it could prevent you from having to fork out commercial rent costs every month down the line.

Implement Changes Associated with the Pandemic

Of course, when we return to the office, the virus is unlikely to be completely gone. People will still want to feel safe and secure in their new work environment, so it’s up to you to make sure that it’s Covid-safe. Make sure that you implement these changes to your office space to continue to reduce the spread of Covid:

  • Providing masks for staff to wear
  • Providing hand sanitiser
  • Making sure staff are two metres apart from one another
  • Implementing perspex barriers in spaces where staff may come within two metres of others
  • Putting down social distancing floor stickers
  • Limiting capacity in smaller rooms such as the bathroom or office kitchen

These are a couple of steps that you may need to take over the upcoming months. Of course, there are more, but these are important areas to focus on. Hopefully, they will help you to slip back into office life more easily!