Oh, who am I fooling? The opt-in isn’t going anywhere. It’s a vital part of your website, and it’s something that you need to be using.

Without an opt in, you can’t build a list. You will have no way of staying in touch with the people who want to buy your stuff or, at the very least, read what you’ve got to say.

And it’s supposed to work like this:

  1. They enter their name + email
  2. They confirm that they want to hear from you via a link in an email.
  3. They get whatever you were offering to get them to sign up
  4. You email them every now and then about the awesome stuff you are doing/offering.
  5. You make lots of $$ because they can’t resist your stuff.

But Opt ins as they are being used now are dated. They are boring. Your free gift probably sucks.

I have opted in to hundreds of lists and I just recently unsubscribed from 99% of them. Why? Because they either are boring, or they didn’t deliver the goods they promised.

How do we stop the cycle?

I’m hoping and praying for an opt in revolution.

Internet Marketing as a whole is a dinosaur. I know people are still making money off of it – because there are always going to be people who want to know how to make a quick buck. They aren’t willing to put in the time to actually do anything – they just want to get there the easy way.  spoke to this in an article he recently wrote. In it he talks about really becoming an expert in something before you become an internet superstar. I loved it.

So as much as I hate opt ins, and rarely enter my name + email into any of them, they are an important piece of your internet business, and you need one. So, let’s think of ways to be more creative with them.

Here are a couple that I totally dig.

My favorite is this one on BettyMeansBusiness.com



And check out this cleverness on DanielleLaporte.com


When someone opts in to your list, they are offering you their trust. They are believing that you are going to deliver the stuff you say your are going to deliver. Don’t tell me that you are going to give me “Free Business Training” and then just show me a bunch of testimonial videos. I want some real freaking training.

Or just be real. Tell me that all you are really giving me for free is inspiration.

Opt ins aren’t going anywhere, but I implore you – do something different with it. Only display it at the end of your blog. Or make it super clever. Just don’t follow the crowd. You aren’t going to impress anyone doing what everyone else is doing.

Know of any other super clever opt ins? I’d love to see them!