Different departments like to be by themselves. This is inherently a good thing because you get a far more concentrated workforce in each office. They are constantly racking their brains trying to continually streamline their ideas to be leaner and meaner. However, sooner or later this invisible house will need to open the door to interdepartmental communication. There are challenges that come with this. It’s not as easy as just opening the door and yelling outside of it to make decisions in a collaborative sense. Intricate details have to be explained and understood by the directors of each department, but the employees at every level in those departments need to grasp them as well. More than likely, this has to be done over several days and weeks to nail down a project’s ideas. So wouldn’t you rather spend less time on dithering about the decisions and get to work sooner? This is where interdepartmental communication becomes vital for your business.

Meeting every week

We all know that c-suite ranks are not the same as directors. The chief of a department is always going to out rank a director. However, this doesn’t mean that directors cannot meet each other as often as c-ranking employees do. This is also a structural issue which you need to decide upon and some deem too much contact between middle ranking employees to be too much of a nuisance or unnecessary. The meetings between directors can be every week and it doesn’t have to be long at all. A simple 15, 20 or 30 minute meeting to discuss how progress is going and how best could the departments work together is quick and simple. Maybe a marketing team would like to keep the sales team abreast of any changes. If the sales director is prepping his or her team to really sell a particular aspect of a product but the marketing team changes the focus, then this needs to be known by the sales team as quickly as possibly.

Streamlined and anywhere

If you have various departments that are out in the field, how would they contact each other? This is something that entrepreneurs and small business owners always seem to underestimate. It can’t just be that the most senior employees in the respective departments speak to each other on a smartphone. Sometimes you need to involve different minds no matter what rank they are. You can learn more about how you can improve your communications woes and implement VoIP internet telephone solutions. There are also UC solutions that will coagulate different communication streams into a single access point. Every employee therefore can instantly have contact with any other employee by one universal method. Inherently this will enhance decision making challenges as at the drop of a hat any doubts of queries can be alleviated.

Making decisions is always tough. Sometimes the more minds that are involved the better and faster a solution can be made. When departments work together more frequently, and have various channels of instant contact, everyone involved can be on the same page at the same time.