It may be some time before things are restored to the way they were – if they ever will be – in the way they were in the previous year, despite the fact that hope is in sight with the news of vaccinations. One thing that does need to be restored, however, is the economy, and the most effective way to do so is to put people back to work as soon as possible. Many businesses are finding that working from home is beneficial, especially with many people not feeling comfortable going back into crowded offices still. You can help to ease their minds a little by enforcing the wearing of masks, social distancing, and effective COVID-19 cleaning, which you can find more about in the post linked here. However, with this being such a difficult year, it is possible that your employees require a little more motivation. Here are five suggestions to assist you.

Give them opportunities for growth

Things appear to have stagnated this year, and your employees may be experiencing the same frustration at their places of employment. Given that bonuses, pay raises, and promotions are most likely no longer being offered for the remainder of the year, finding alternative avenues for your employees to advance is critical. Employing a pandemic-preparedness strategy in your company is one approach to provide new possibilities for your staff to learn new skills, take on additional tasks, or broaden their knowledge base.

Try to make it enjoyable

Making work enjoyable has not been simple this year, thanks to a lack of possibilities for socializing and a lack of opportunity for team-building exercises. It is considerably more difficult to make work enjoyable when everyone is working from home, thus it is critical to create new ways to make work enjoyable. Virtual socials can be entertaining and simple to organize, but they can also get tedious after a while.

Innovate by inviting unique visitors, such as business and corporate presenters, to your virtual meetings. It is always refreshing to encounter a different face in a virtual conference. Employers should solicit their suggestions for activities that they would like to participate in while remaining compliant with the rules and regulations. When possible, treat employees by sending them gifts in the mail or delivering treats to their offices.

Create a sense of belonging

People have a physiological desire to feel like they fit, as well as a sense of stability and meaning. Because this might be more difficult to do when people are working in different locations, it is critical to communicate to your employees that they are appreciated and that the job they are doing is adding to the achievement of your company’s overall goals. One of the most effective methods to foster a sense of belonging is to communicate frequently and to keep the lines of communication open all of the time.

The more information you share with your staff, the more involved they will feel and the easier it will be for them to deal with the situation at hand. Remember that you are only human and that you do not need to claim to have all the answers – no one does when it comes to covid – so consult with your employees on major issues as well. It is beneficial to solicit their views and opinions, and it also helps them to feel appreciated and boosts morale.