In the social media age, it has never been easier for every entrepreneur and business owner to build their brand. Setting up a few profiles, adding appropriate content and starting conversations with one’s target market makes it all very easy. However, if you are relying on social media and your website alone to build your reputation and help you create a brand that people notice, you could well be missing out on numerous other ways to reach even more people.

Using the internet to build your brand is all well and good but it isn’t the be all and end all of the matter, Here are some often overlooked methods for building your brand that you may want to try too:

Become a Speaker

As an entrepreneur, you have probably had a lot of interesting experiences, and you will no doubt have learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way of your journey, so why not share all of that stuff in your head with others? Attending industry speaking engagements where you get up on stage and talk is an excellent way of spreading the word and allowing people to get to know you as the head of your brand.

Go to a Trade Expo

So much is made of online marketing that the offline side of things often gets neglected. This is a shame because you can potentially reach more people buy combining both – not everyone will easily find your business or brand online. Trade expos are great places for establishing your brand because they are held in most industries and they attract the people who are most interested in the things you do. All you need is a decent expo booth, lots of good products and lots of good branding and you can attract so many people to you. Then, it’s your job to impress them with your brand and what you do. Your display will draw them in and you’ll clinch the deal and spread the word.

Turn Things Down

If you want to build a strong brand that has a definite identity that people recognize and admire, then you need to be willing to turn things down and say no to the things that do not fit with your brand’s ideals. Doing so will protect your brand. You may, for example, be asked to cross-promote a product. Doing so could mean a boost to your bottom line, and it may be tempting, but if it is diametrically op[posed to what you’re about or it doesn’t with the tone of your company it could be more damaging in the end. Imagine you’re an eco company; the last thing you’d want to do is start stocking single-use plastics that your target audience hates, right? It would turn them off pretty fast, and show your brand in a poor light, to say the least!

Set Yourself Up as an Expert

If you want to get your company’s name out there and you want to build trust in your brand, one of the best things you can do is set yourself up as an expert in your chosen niche. The easiest way to do this is perhaps by starting a blog where you write instructional and informative content, However, you could choose to write and publish books on Kindle, submit papers to journals or news outlets or attend industry events. The key is to establish yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about and whose name is often linked to the subject that your brand deals with.

Listen to Your Customers

If you want to build a noticeable and desirable brand you, need to do your market research. You need to ask your target audience exactly what they like/want/need and you need to pay attention. So many companies commission market research only to all but ignore the feedback unless it tells them what they want to know. You need to do the opposite and implement changes when it’s clear your business isn’t already hitting the mark.

Consistency is Key

Perhaps, the single biggest thing you can do to build your brand, no matter how else you choose to do it, is by being consistent. When you start your business, you should take the time to sit down and discuss your core values. You should work out what you want your business to stand for, what your moral code will be, and how your company will present itself at all times, You should then stick to these values, ensuring that everything you do is in keeping with them, That way, you will send a consistent message and your target audience will know exactly what to expect from your. Your business will be respected and that will bring you more business.