When you are a website designer, one of the questions you often get asked is if you optimize the site with SEO.

For me, the short answer is yes. I am schooled in the ways of SEO, and I do everything in my power to give you a leg up.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Using Headway as my WordPress Theme of Choice. It’s got a ton of stuff that is just native to the programming that is bonus SEO type stuff. You don’t even have to think about it.
  • Plugins – there are a few plugins that kick it up a few notches. I use them. They involve keywords and nofollows and other things that sound all magical.
  • Sitemaps – I also make sure you have a sitemap and that it’s been submitted where it should be.
  • Google Webmaster Account – I set it up for you. And submit everything they want to catalog your website

There are other things you can do too – like using a plugin that assess your keywords and help you write a post that contains just the right number of them. It tells you to use this word “this” many times, and that word “that” many times.

I hate those.

You know why? Because it makes your writing sound robotic. And that’s crap.

When you are speaking in your natural voice to the people who “get” you, you will make money. As your fan-base grows, your income will grow.

You do not need to offer yourself up to the gods of SEO to make money. You can do it by blogging regularly and putting out good content that attracts an audience. You do not have to turn into a soulless link building monster to be successful.

My point is, don’t trade your soul for a fast return on your website expenditure. Set it up the right way, use best practices and just write in your own voice.

(Monty Python borrowed from http://handmadesuccess.com/)