My birthday is in one month and a few days. And I’m turning 36. This is my last month of being on the upswing toward 70. In 30 days, I’ll be on the downhill slide.

Now there’s nothing wrong with turning 36. In fact a friend and I decided that people who are turning 36 this year are the awesomest people in the world. That doesn’t make the downhill slide any

My aunt and I were talking about the fact that I lived with her and my uncle when I was in college, and they were approx the age I am right now. What the what? Have I seriously been out of high school for almost 18 years? Holy smokes.

Well, on a good note, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I’ve got kids I adore, a man who still makes me smile, and awesome friends + family to hang with.

So, as a last hurrah before I hit the big 3-6, I thought I’d do something nice for you.

If you need a website or know someone who does, I’m offering 20% off all of my packages. Check them out here.

My birthday = your gain!