Running a business during times like these can be incredibly hard, and there are many small companies this year that have fallen by the wayside and fallen victim to the pandemic. 

If you are looking to start a small business this year, it may be smarter for you to start a venture at home alongside your current role to keep that level of stability. 

As Sir David Attenborough has taught us, the world needs us more than ever. To make a difference in a small way and make money while you do it, there are some great eco friendly business ideas you can try. Here are some simple at home ways to make money and start a small business this year. 

Grow plants 

One very simple method for making money while impacting the environment in a positive way is to grow plants and sell them. Everyone loves houseplants, and many people also love to grow their own fruit, vegetables, and herbs. By growing these things yourself at home and selling them; you’ll be able to make money while adding new life to the planet. 

Rescue animals 

One brilliant way to start making money this winter while doing something good is to rescue both domestic and wild animals and help to rehome them. There are always animals in need of help and you can be the one to change their lives for the better. You don’t even need to spend a ton of money to start up your venture because as long as you have a safe home and food you can house many types of animal. 

Sell your solar power 

If you have solar panels on your home and you are looking to make some extra money this winter, it is a great idea to sell your solar power locally. This is a simple idea and will bring you passive income all year round and allow you to stay stable financially. 

Create recycled art 

For those of you who have a flare for the arts and also care for the environment – it is more and more important to consider recycled materials for your work. You can for example make your own paper at home from old newspaper, you can use old bottles and cans, or even create sculptures using secondhand furniture. Show off your artistic style and also allow people to bring a piece of recycled art into their homes. 

Make money through cell towers 

Did you know that if you have a cell tower on your property that you can rent it out? If you have a cell tower either at home or on a business property – you can use Vertical Consultants to rent out your tower to those who want to use it. This can actually be a brilliant way to make money this year and bring you some passive income without damaging the environment. 

Start a conservation project 

For those of you who want to build a business around the environment – why not consider starting your own conservation project this year? Conservation is so important – and you can be part of the change needed to happen in your local area. Choose an animal or an ecosystem and work towards changing it for the better.