Working from home usually requires inspiration and motivation to stay productive, and your working space can contribute to that. A minimalist home office offers many benefits worth considering. For starters, it increases your productivity while getting rid of distractions. Moreover, you can create a stylish office without exorbitant costs while offering more space to perform your tasks. Are you looking to set up a minimalist office? Here are some helpful tips you can leverage for the best results. 

  • Designate a space for your office 

It can be tempting to work in any area of your home. However, having a dedicated workspace comes with its perks. Not only does it help you create the best work-life balance when working from home, but it also minimizes distractions and increases your focus. Moreover, you can quickly get into work mode without stressing yourself and get the same ambiance as working in a traditional office setting. A 2021 survey revealed that approximately 92% of American workers had a designated working space at home, while 58% had separate home offices. That said, you want to specify your workspace if you haven’t already. 

You can begin this process by choosing the right space in your home. While it may seem easy, you need to consider your job nature before deciding. For instance, a job with lots of analysis may require a quiet space like your garage, garden, or spare room. However, you can leverage your other private areas in your home if you don’t have spare rooms. 

  • Declutter 

A Princeton University Neuroscience Institute research indicated that disorganization could reduce your ability to focus while draining your cognitive resources. Other research states that people are more likely to procrastinate when clutter is around. Moreover, a cluttered office can trigger mental and emotional distress while increasing your stress levels. Therefore, it’s important to eliminate any clutter to create a stress-free and more productive minimalist office. It’s essential to tackle things one by one. For instance, you can begin with your desk and move to your cabinets when done. 

You can also go through your paperwork to determine what to keep and shred. If you have lots of important paperwork that you can’t store, you can opt for storage options. Many office furniture pieces have in-built storage spaces perfect for a minimalist office, so keep this in mind. Self-storage facilities are also great for protecting your files, so feel free to get a storage quote from trustworthy companies. 

  • Don’t go overboard with decor 

The goal of a minimalist office is to increase your focus and productivity, and adding too much decor can defeat the purpose. You can easily get distracted when you have much to look at, decreasing your productivity. Therefore, it’s essential to examine your office walls, shelves, and floor to determine what items to take out. For instance, a wall filled with awards, diplomas, and other certificates can cause you to keep staring at them, causing you to waste time. Therefore, it makes sense to keep them out of sight. Also, try substituting your hard-copy books for softer copies to create more space in your office. Using low-maintenance plants can spruce up your office looks while purifying your air quality, so keep this in mind.