The world is adjusting to a new normal as coronavirus has impacted on every aspect of our lives. Businesses across the globe are struggling to survive a sudden downturn in orders, revenue, and profits. Even the largest market-leaders are finding these turbulent economic times tough. As a small startup, you need to diversify, reassess, and plan for an uncertain winter. At the same time, your business needs to become more efficient to retain the quality of service without forking out so much cash, time, and effort. Take a look at these efficiency hacks to help your venture thrive in a post-pandemic world.


If you have an array of business functions but fewer staff to deal with them, you need to consider the wonders of outsourcing. While you could retrain and upskill, this can take time and money. Your efforts may be better spent doing some high-level strategic thinking to consider life in the post-pandemic world. You could think about outsourcing these requirements on an ad-hoc basis. This means you don’t have to commit to a salaried member of staff and you only utilize and pay for the services you need. For example, there’s no point in employing a marketing manager if you only need social media posts updating once a week. While outsourcing does require a financial outlay, it can save you money in the long run and give you back some valuable time.


Old and unreliable equipment will result in too much downtime. Your staff team will become unmotivated and feel less inclined to be as productive if their equipment isn’t up to scratch. Invest in top quality air compressors from C&B Equipment if you are in the manufacturing sector and you want your production line to become swifter. This can help you to fulfil more orders every day, ready for the post-pandemic world. If you work in an office-based environment, make sure that your WiFi is adequate enough so that you aren’t suffering from signal dips that prevent your employees from working. There’s nothing more inefficient than heading into the office to see an ocean of twiddling thumbs and yawning faces because your equipment is well below par. Invest in the sector-specific kit you need to make your business more time-efficient.

Flexible Working

You have to embrace flexible working in a pandemic world. If you want your staff team to remain Covid-secure, you have to enable working from home. Doing this can empower your staff to remain productive. With the emergence of virtual meetings, Zoom and Skype have come into their own. This has meant that we no longer have to meet face to face or waste money on costly commutes to offices and clients. Coupled with a lack of office overheads, this can save you a small fortune which you can then redeploy to your diversification endeavors. Consider going the flexible working route full time if you can to banish the office premises rent forever.

It can be challenging and stressful to consider how your business will survive these turbulent economic times. However, make your business more efficient and you have every chance of post-pandemic success.